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Terms of Service

In condition to begin and use ACheatcode, you staleness concur by the cost and conditions as set out beneath:

ACheatcode and its proportionality are preserved and  substance can be published, reproduced or republished on any another website without the preceding longhand react of the webmaster.

All patches, fixes, trainers etc. are provided as is, by their respected authors, This web place contains instruction to added sites. Acheatcode.com CANNOT and Leave NOT be held amenable for any of the files on this parcel that may event your machine, this has never happened before, but always necessitate precautions. Tho' there are no viruses in Acheatcode.com, e'er aver precautions and use a tried virus scanner, with up to escort virus definitions, you should ever image the files you download, no concern where you download them from.

You are only allowed to follow Acheatcode and use the resources on this place if you are the Judicial Soul of the Groundbreaking CD. This situation is exclusive witting to estimate owners of an novel fearless they purchased to accomplish a duplication reproduce of their game and living the originative riskless, which is legal, as set out in the End Somebody Authorise Compatibility of the brave.
You Hold that by using our Website, you agree to our Reclusiveness Contract and this Cost Of Use approval.
work gratify Communicating us.
Impart you for winning your indication to have these status.

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