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4x4 Evolution

4x4 Evolution

4x4 Evolution
Cheat Codes:
------------arun prakash, Submitted the following Information:Email: arun4444@hotmail.com
any of the codes below:
4x4 - Big Tires
5x5 - Big Truck
99x99 - No Game Over
Submitted by: rickHH
find $1500. Note: This works only one time.
a little driving you will reach an aircraft hanger with a jet inside. In the 
corner of the hanger is a chest of cash.
On top the island is a chest of cash.
another box of cash. There is an oil truck nearby it.
to the right, and drive around on the water side. You can find a chest in the
side hull, with $666.
the right side of the road. You will eventually find a chest of cash.
* Nothing in the Evolution rulebook says you can't forcefully "aid" a 
competitor off a bridge, over a cliff, or into oncoming traffic. Do 
so as frequently as possible.
of loose gravel, sand, and dirt. Drive accordingly; slowing much earlier
for corners than you would in a road racing game and taking turns from 
the inside to allow plenty of run-off room.
and you can afford one of the outrageously high-priced made for racing 
machines, don't sweat your choice of vehicles. Parts upgrades are far 
more important.
available, though you shouldn't rely on the AI drivers to find the best
First go into the game and play a bit to earn a little extra cash, at least
$10,000.00 or so. Now sell your truck. Your should have somewhere near 
"C:\programs\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evolution\system\metal.ini"
folder in Windows. Now save the file in a temporary folder or on your
desktop. Go back into the game and buy a vehicle and some of the parts
you want. When your cash is low, do the following:
named metal.ini and look for a line that says:
Cash=(followed by a series of numbers and letters)
Select the line and copy it. (now this is important only
select the line that says Cash=(and the string of characters
following the equal sign) not the entire file).
Now open the metal.ini file in your:
Cash=(followed by a series of numbers and letters)
you just padded your wallet again. If you want more cash, like say enough
to buy one of race trucks, just sell your truck again and repeat all of 
the steps above. Remember every time you save the current:
doubling the amount of money you have by buying several trucks, 
pasting a new line in and then selling the trucks you bought. 
Saving that current file into your temporary folder and then buy
more trucks and parts and on and on and on until you have the 
amount of cash you want.
try putting in: "re25ykP*g*bCbqRqz*zb1xPz1P+" behind the cash=
line to get $2.5 million. (omit the quotes)
E-mail: eminem3847@aol.com
this is from eminem3847(ben)
dont push anything, just type "goldfinger" and u will hear a sound 
that tells u that u put it in right, then type "givememoneyordie"
and u will hear anothing sound to tell u did it right. then quit 
the race and u will have $1,000,000. u can do this as many times 
as u want but u cant have more than $1,000,000 at a time with the
Keep pressing H and you will fly.
Go through checkpoint 2, but continue straight instead of following the
track. Pass between two hangars and continue straight across a small 
lake. Ahead of you will be an American flag. At the base of this is 
another hangar. A money box is next to the hangar.
Go to checkpoint 6 -- it is easiest to do a 180 at the start line. Go
straight out over the tracks over the mountains and find the little 
town that is out a bit.
Go through the checkpoint 2. Just before the checkpoint 3 is a canoe.
Go in the water by the canoe to find $1110.
Immediately after you go through checkpoint 6, keep following the trail.
You will see a bridge once you go down the hill. Go over the bridge. To
the right is a fenced in area with a oil tanker truck in front of the 
entrance. This is immediately before you go through checkpoint 7. The 
cash box is over to the right side of the fenced in area.
In the last turn before finish line run, go straight into water. A box
of money containing $1495 is under water by the back edge of the pond.
Go under the train trestle in the middle of the pond to find $1500.
Note: This works only one time.
Go through checkpoint 1 and go left around the airplane. Drive straight
until you see a pack of airplanes. The money chest is next to the far-
left. It contains about $1,345.
Off on the right is a small island just offshore. On top the island is
a chest.
Look inside a Porta-Pot up on a hill on left between gates 5 and 6, next
to the tents to get $653.
When you get to checkpoint 11, drive straight over the hill in front of 
it. Once over it, you will find a small circle track.
Off the start, turn around and drive on the track. If you go fast enough,
you will be able to stay on the course but be going backwards on it.
Go straight when you pass through checkpoint 5. After a little driving you
will reach an aircraft hanger with a jet inside. In the corner of the hanger
is a box of cash.
After checkpoint 2, make the jump. Instead of making the right turn to
checkpoint 3, turn left. You will enter another fenced in area with dirt
mounds. A box containing $2242 is in this area besides a mound of dirt.
Select the Salvage Wasteland track on quick race mode. Once the race starts,
go through the starting line, but stop immediately after it. Turn around and
face the part of the wall that looks different than the sheet metal. Drive 
through this section of wall, and follow the power line poles until you reach
a hidden track. The track is shaped like a big rectangle. On one section of 
pavement, there is a set of ramps.
Just before you reach checkpoint 7, stop in the water. Turn left and stay in
water. Keep to the left at the fork. After this, there is a small rock jetty 
to your left. In the small pool beside it is a box of money with a little 
over $1400. 
When starting, go over to the beached tanker boat to the right, and drive
around on the water side. You can find another chest in the side hull, 
with $666.
From the starting line, turn left off the track and drive straight until you
reach a highway. Turn right, stay off the road about 40 yards, but just below
the hill that runs along the highway. There should be a big dip next to the 
road within a few hundred yards. Down in the lowest part of the dip is a box
with $907. If you are just flying down the side of the road you will miss 
the box.
Enable the goldfinger code then buy the Ford F-150 Race Truck. Purchase the
turbocharger and all other compatible applications in the engine category 
and the drive train accessories. You can reach 218 mph on the hidden track
on Truck Stop 101.
All hidden money amounts vary depending on how much the race is worth.
If you cannot see well when racing at night, just turn up the brightness on
your monitor.
* The Chevrolet Silverado (4WD) is a good truck to use in the game.
* Use the Chevy Trailblazer Race Truck, give it a turbocharger, and convert
it to 4x4, It will go to 140mph in 6 seconds.
* The Dodge Dakota Club Cab (4WD) is a good truck to use in the game.
* Use the Ford F-150 Race Truck equipped with sport fly wheel, turbo charger,
dyno tune levels 1-4, forced induction exhaust and a high capacity fuel pump.
* If you like to offroad, put in the "$1 million" code and get the Ford Excursion.
The F-250 has the same amount of power but the rear wheels spin a lot.
* Use the Ford F-250 Supercab 4x4 with race fly wheel, race clutch, race gear box,
race ignition system, dyno tune 1, race exhaust, and race headers. 
It will do 0 to 120 in six seconds and is an excellent jumper.
If you drive long enough, you will start hearing voices saying phrases such
as "I have a dream" or "You go faster in reverse".
You must edit a game file to activate this cheat.
in the "system" folder inside the game folder. Find the profiles and look for the
line that says "Cash=" followed by numerous characters. Change those characters 
to the following and save the file to get the desired amount of money:
$15 million : Tfp58kEZ8xy8GrnbJ4kSpBvtaq8 
$999,999,999 : 9E!4q7fYKoZWNUxfup7GNuQSsT+

While in the game, push [ENTER] + [SHIFT] + [ALT] + E, then type
Code Result
Hidden money:
* On Farm Road level, go under the train trestle in the middle of the pond to
* On the Restricted Area track, go straight when you pass through gate 5. After
* On the Laguna Del Ray track, off on the right is a small island just offshore.
* Between gate 6 and 7 on the Black Gold track is a fenced-in area that contains
* When starting on the Treasure Bay track, go over to the beached tanker boat 
* On the Truck Stop 101 track, go to the "hidden" highway and drive alongside
* This is 4x4 racing, baby, and as such is generally conducted on surfaces
* Until such time as your bank account is absolutely bursting at the seams
* Use the overhead map as a general guide only. Faster routes are always
Edit Cash:
Look in your directory for the following file:
..open the (metal.ini) file using notepad listed in your accessories 
Exit the game and go back into your temporary folder and open the file
I think the string is specific to the your player profile.
C:\programs\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evolution\system\metal.ini
and look for a line that says:
Select that line and paste over it the line you copied from the previous
Now save the file and exit notepad. Go back into the game and like magic
C:\programs\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evolution\system\metal.ini
...your increasing the amount of cash you have. You can just keep 
If you would like to get instant cash without doing this trick,
when u start a career start the race and when the race has started 
Arctic Wasteland: Hidden money
Arizona: Hidden money
Bayou Flats: Hidden money
Black Gold: Hidden money
Crazy 2000: Hidden money
Farm Road: Hidden money
Final Destination: Hidden money
Laguna Del Ray: Hidden money
MotorCross: Hidden money
MotoCross: Hidden track
Restricted Area: Hidden money
Salvage Wasteland: Hidden money
Savage Wasteland: Hidden track
Silverton Pass: Hidden money
Treasure Bay: Hidden money
Truck Stop 101: Hidden money
Truck Stop 101: Drive over 200 mph
Hidden money amounts
Night racing
Recommended trucks
Extra Money:
First create a backup of the file. Edit the "metal.ini" file which can be found
$1 Million : 5qqgFPfZOrOA6oD9BqPcHf2)+YA 

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