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Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors
Defeating your enemies with Arbalest:
You can easily defeat any infantry from i.e.(Elite Teutonic Knight to Militia)
using your Arbalests. To accomplish this you must build an archery camp research
the archer to crossbowman and then to arbalest. These Arbalests when fully
researched e.g. (Carthaginian Tactics) are extremely powerful in range attack
and somewhat weak in combat. Just create 15 arbalests, Double-Click any one to
select all of them and just Right-Click to attack any enemy infantry or cavalry.
When our men they will come nearer to attack the enemy infantry attack the
arbalests. Since the arbalests are more in number the enemy infantry will die
on their way when trying to reach our men. The arbalests have very long range
so that they can easily kill the infantry and siege units. If they (enemies)
follow this technique it will be a problem to you so please be quicker.
If more doubts persists, Mail me.

On the mill you will find an icon saying "reseed farm".now
select the mill then press F3(game is paused)then see if you have
enough wood then start clicking on the icon.after sometime stop
clicking.then press F3 again.you will have lots of reseeds in the
list.this will help you concentrate on the game than giving your
villagers farms again and again.

You should always study the tech tree and see the
specialites of your civilization and always scout
the enemy base and study their base.If you lose a
game then you should think how did my enemy win,
how did I lose? Think over it and don't make the
same mistake next time.

You should always build walls and towers to protect
yourself and always place walls from one forest to
another, never build walls from one mine to forest
or mine to mine or forage bush to mine otherwise when
you have collected all the resources in the mine that
part of the wall will become open and the enemy will
enter as soon as the wall has become open.

Wonder Hint:
If you want to see all the wonders of the civilizations,
go to create a scenario and you can place the wonder.
Again change your civilization, and place the wonder and
you will see theirs. Otherwise, select the 'Defend the
Wonder' option under Standard Game and you can change the
civilization and see their respective wonder!

Here are the 4 best civilizations is this order:

Never charge at your enemy, just get in their line
of site. If it is archers, use knights/elephants
and charge.


Hit ENTER during the game, and enter the following:
Cheat Result
woof woof - you will see stormy dog on the air,
that fly every where

Enter cheat mode and type in VDML. It gives you a very
fast villager that you can kill next to a building or
enemy unit and it will explode and destroy it.

Enter cheat mode and type in VDML. It gives you a very
fast villager that you can kill next to a building or
enemy unit and it will explode and destroy it.

Bigger doesn't always better...they said. If you wanted to
win a war (in multiplayer game) you should plan your tactical
and political skills. You could 'use' your ally as your
defensif structure and then after you almost defeat your

enemy, change your diplomatic stances to your ally as enemy
after your troops get in their town center and the attack and
demolish your ally and then you could be the single leader


Hit ENTER during the game, and enter the following:
Result Code
1000 food - cheese steak jimmy's
1000 gold - robin hood
1000 stone - rock on
1000 wood - lumberjack
Cobra car - how do you turn this on
Control nature - natural wonders
Destroy all opponents - black death
Fast building - aegis
Flying dogs - woof woof
Full map - marco
Instant loss - resign
Instant victory - i r winner
Kill Opponent 1 - torpedo1
Kill Opponent 2 - torpedo2
Kill Opponent 3 - torpedo3
Kill Opponent 4 - torpedo4
Kill Opponent 5 - torpedo5
Kill Opponent 6 - torpedo6
Kill Opponent 7 - torpedo7
Kill Opponent 8 - torpedo8
Little monkey - furious the monkey boy
No fog of war - polo
Saboteur unit - to smithereens
Suicide - wimpywimpywimpy
Tall, fast moving, useless villager - i love the monkey head
aegis - your buildings will be constructed in one touch

Take time to study the new civilizations and their
technologies through the tech tree in the game.

You can garrison units inside siege rams, which helps
protect them against missile weapons. This is very
handy when you're trying to storm enemy walls.

Definitely use the farm queue; it'll cut down on your
micromanagement of farmers. Just be careful; 75 pieces
of wood get used every time you queue a farm.


-go into the msdos-type C:
-press enter-type dir\p *or* dir/p
-push enter
-look for the dir of aoe2 game file
-type it in
-push enter
-now type in the following:


IN ur mill there is a reseed farm button normally u can have a
list of only 15 farms.now here is the best part.When u click on
the mill press F3 button of ur keyboard.The game is paused.
now press "F" button on ur keyboard to enlist farms.
keep on pressing to ur hearts content,
if u had kept on pressing fer someime u will find that u hv no list.
the point is that u set up such a big list of farms that the computer
is unable to show it. IMPORTANT-u better hv lots of wood.

While creating units or reseeding farms we have to click a lot of
times.So while creating units or reseeding farms press shift and
then click to creat an unit or reseeding farms.It will create or
reseed 5 units or farms.

Now,to easily destroy all enemy buildings,create a large number of patards
(saboteur unit),group them and sneak them into enemy's base.take them to
important buildings but make sure you don't go to near military units.
Guide them and attack the building.8-10 patards can destroy a castle,town
center &other strong buildings.Create many,Destroy all!Good luck!

At the start of a game to get a goos start just build as many villagers as u
can and get them to build a mill and work on the forrage bush once that is
all done put some villagers on Farms and Woodcutting now u should have a head
start of the other civalisations.

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