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Alpha Protocol


Alpha Protocol

Veteran class:
Successfully complete the game under the Recruit class to unlock the
Veteran class, which starts with three skill points in every category
and "Veteran" dialog options.

Bonus weapons:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding
special weapon:

Brayko's SMGs: Kill Brayko.
Brayko's stereo: Spare Brayko.
Gold assault rifle: Sneak up on Al Samad Lieutenant without any
alarms being sounded.
Gold SMG: Assassinate Brajka.
Marburg's pistol: Bait Marburg into fighting to the death in the
Omen's shotgun: Kill Omen Deng. 

Refilling endurance meter:
When you have taken endurance damage, go to the inventory screen, and
select "Armor". Re-equip your armor (highlight armor and press A) to
completely refill your endurance meter. Repeat this as many times as
desired. -From: Ezra Rainstein

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