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Amnesia - The Dark Descent



Amnesia - The Dark Descent

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlimited Health, Oil, and Sanity:
To activate these codes, you need to find your save files in a folder 
something like (.../My Documents/Amnesia/Main/) and then click on your 
profile name. Open the save file you wish to alter with notepad, and 
press [CTRL]+F. Then, search one of the things (Health, Oil, Sanity) 
and look for the command streams below. Once the command stream is 
found, edit the number at the end 
(ex. edit [ var type="3" name="mfLampOil" val="0.000000" /] 
to        [ var type="3" name="mfLampOil" val="9999.000000" /] then 
just load up that specific save file and the amount you entered should
be granted to you.

Effect             Code
Unlimited Health - [ var type="3" name="mfHealth" val="9999.000000" /]
Unlimited Oil    - [ var type="3" name="mfLampOil" val="9999.000000" /]
Unlimited Sanity - [ var type="3" name="mfSanity" val="9999.000000" /]

Unlockable       How to Unlock
Bad Ending     - Wait for Alexander to open and enter the portal.
Good Ending    - Wait for Alexander to open up the portal. Once 
                 it opens place Agrippa's head into it.
Revenge Ending - While Alexander is waiting for the portal to open 
                 push over the three pillars that are giving it energy.
Another Ending - When Alexander locks you in the cell and tells you to 
                 stay there and be killed by the shadow, don't escape. 
                 If you simply sit there the red shadow stuff will enter
                 the cell and kill you. You will hear the same words from
                 Alexander as in the Bad Ending when you let him enter the

Easter Eggs:
There is a rar file named "Super_Secret" in the "redist" folder of 
amnesia that has a password. In order to view the files inside you need
a combination of the 3 endings. Each ending gives you a different part 
of the password, and when put together you can view the files inside. 
Below are the pieces you receive from each ending, and the completed 

Revenge ending : lke271
Bad ending     : tyr299
Good ending    :odn314

Combining them gives you the password of: lke271tyr299odn314

If you hold a drawer from a dresser in front of you, the monsters won't
see you. You can walk right up to them! Once you remove the drawer they
can see you again.

what to do in an enemy encounter:
When faced with the situation of being followed by one of the numerous 
monsters in the game, don't try to defend yourself. Throwing items at the
beast will only make it angry. Use all of your effort to run/hide instead
since you can't actually kill the monsters.

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