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Axel And Pixel


Axel And Pixel

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

Good Start! (5 points): Complete first chapter.
Spring (10 points): Complete spring season.
Summer (10 points): Complete summer season.
Autumn (10 points): Complete autumn season.
Winter (10 points): Complete winter season and defeat the Ice Giant.
Master Painter (30 points): Complete the masterpiece.
Dog's Dinner (10 points): Find all bones.
Great Aviator (15 points): Score over 10000 points in the balloon
Great Driver (15 points): Score over 10000 points in the car
Great Sailor (15 points): Score over 10000 points in the boat
Little Helper (20 points): Complete the story under 20 clues.
Points in Paint (50 points): Complete the story with the score
over 42000 points.
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