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Backyard Baseball 2005

Backyard Baseball 2005




Backyard Baseball 2005

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Aquadome Stadium:
Hit a homerun into the water at Frasier Field, Steele Stadium, and Gator

Baseball Darts Mini-game:
Score a 40 or better in the fielders challenge.

Mr. Clanky:
Complete Mr. Clanky's coaching box.

Pedro Martinez:
Throw a shut-out.

Mike Piazza:
Hit a grand slam.

Barry Dejay:
Enter HOOPS as a new coach name to unlock Barry Dejay.

Championship game stadium:
To get the field that you play the championship in, simply win the world series 
undefeated (by going 4-0 in the series) and then create a new coach and team 
then choose that field as your home field. (this is the stadium where you play 
the all-star game at also, it is the one with the hot dog holding a bat, behind 
the center field wall.)

Submitted by: john

Throw a screwball to the lower right hand corner then throw a curveball to the 
lower left hand corner then a fastball or changeup inside.

Fenway Park:
Submitted by: danny

The place you play the championship at is actually Fenway Park.
You can tell because in far left field is the Green Monster (Wally)!

Custom home run hitter:
Select Boardwalk as your home field, then make a player with 6 on Power, 2 on 
Contact, 3 on Pitching, 3 on Running, and 1 on Defense. Make him or her left-
handed. Name him or her as desired. Bat him or her at the third spot on your 
lineup. If your first game is at your home field, he or she will probably hit
a home run. If he or she gets a certificate, put the ball on the Power.

Fenway and Yankee Stadium:
Submitted by: Yankeeskid132

You know that field were there is a big screen is in left field, thats suppost 
to be the green monster in Fenway Park and there are 2 triangles. One in left 
center (by the monster) and in center field. Just like fenway! And the Aqua 
Dome is kinda Yanee Stadium. You can just tell by looking at it!
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