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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  Knocked Out Klungo (20 points): He's out for revenge; not once, not twice, but 
  three times. You need to beat him once. 
  Treasure Hunt (20 points): You'll probably end up with many more, but to 
  achieve this you need just one of each. 
  All Beaten Up (20 points): Kill any 20 bad guys with any of these attacks: 
  Mumbo's wand, your Pants Attack or the Daddy T-Rex. 
  A Merry Old Soul (20 points): You'll find Old King Coal in Chuffy's boiler and 
  he's a bit on the grubby side. Scrub him out! 
  Hatch the Future (20 points): Separate our heroes for the first time, or hatch 
  a Banjo-Kazooie Stop 'N' Swop Egg with Heggy. 
  Calamari Bonanza (20 points): Don't be suckered! You'll have to freeze every 
  single octopi. 
  It Lives! (15 points): Miracles do happen! Bring Sabreman back to life. 
  After The Storm (10 points): Ahhhh, a pretty rainbow. You did that, you old 
  My Nemesis (10 points): Do it properly this time! Get rid of Grunty and save 
  us from her rhymes. Off with her head! 
  Points Make Prizes (15 points): Balloons of any color will do, get 60 points 
  worth or more and you're a winner... sort of. 
  They think it's all over... (15 points): Win a Colosseum Kickball final. The 
  worst scorers rule at this game, so you should be good at it! 
  Shoot Em Up! (15 points): It's great fun exploding these little lovelies! Any 
  20 Ulcers, Clinkers or Mines will earn this. 

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