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Bejeweled 2 Deluxe


Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

Cognito Mode:
To unlock Cognito Mode finish all the puzzles in Puzzle mode. It is okay 
to look at hints constantly to solve all the puzzles. Cognito Mode is 
basically Puzzle Mode with no hints.

Finity mode:
Complete 280 levels in Endless mode.

Hyper mode:
Complete 8 levels in Action mode.

Remove backround grid or change jewel types:
Hold LB, LT, RB, RT then press B button to remove grid or press A to change 
jewel types.

Change jewel types:
Hold LT + LB + RT + RB and press A.

Tasks list:
Get to level 9 in action mode - Action mode
Get a x8 cascade during any game mode - Cascade 8
Get to level 18 in classic mode - Classic mode
Collect 50,000 in cognito mode - Cognito mode
Finish level 280 in endless mode - Endless mode
Get to level 9 in finity mode - Finity mode
Get to level 9 in hyper mode - Hyper mode
Make 1,000 power gems across all your games - Hyper1000
Twilight, Hyper, Cognito, and Finity mode - Multi mode
Make 10,000 power gems across all your games - Power10000
Finish all 80 levels in puzzle mode - Puzzle mode
Finish level 10 in twilight mode - Twilight mode

Twilight mode:
Complete 17 levels in Classic mode.
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