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BlazBlue - Calamity Trigger


BlazBlue - Calamity Trigger

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

 Dante (30 points): Beat Arcade mode on the highest difficulty. 
 Leonidas (40 points): Beat Score Attack mode. 
 I Am the Just Sword (20 points): Defeat Hakumen in Arcade / Score Attack mode. 
 Murakumo Activated... (20 points): Defeat v-13 in Arcade / Score Attack mode. 
 Wanderer (10 points): [Player Match mode] Experience a Player Match. 
 Warrior (30 points): [Player Match mode] Experience is power. 
 Voyeur (10 points): [Player Match mode] Learn from the mistakes of others. 
 Ruler of Kagutsuchi (10 points): Fight against different opponents in Ranked 
 Match / Player Match mode. 
 Be Gentle... It's My First Time. (10 points): Experience a Ranked Match. 
 That Was Incredible! (10 points): Conquer a Ranked Match. 
 You Brute! (20 points): Win several Ranked Matches in a row. 
 100 Trials (20 points): Strive higher in Ranked Matches. 
 200 Trials (40 points): Strive even higher in Ranked Matches. 
 Hands Where I Can See Them (30 points): Collect more art in Gallery mode. 
 I Like to Watch (10 points): Collect replay data in Replay Theater mode. 
 Hello World ! (10 points): Understand the truth of the story in Story mode. 
 You're the Best! Around! (20 points): [Training mode] You still have much to  learn. 
 Legionnaire (20 points): Increase your level. 
 Praetorian Guardsman (30 points): Increase your level even more. 

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