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Blue Dragon


Blue Dragon

Do the following task to unlock the achievement and it's alloted gamerscore.

Unlockable                   How to Unlock
All Barriers Released (25) - Release all barriers
1,000,000 Gold Accumulated (25) - Accumulate 1,000,000 gold
100 Back Attacks (30) - Successfully pull off 100 back attacks
100 Monster Fights (30) - Set up over 100 monster fights
All Characters Level MAX (50) - Get all characters to level 99
All Warp Clip Set (25) - Activate all warp monuments
Dragon, 1 Category Rank MAX (30) - Max out the rank of one category for Dragon
Dragon, All Category Rank MAX (50) - Max out the rank of all categories for Dragon
Item Dictionary Complete (25) - Complete all entries in the item dictionary
Mechat Shooting, ST1, Perfect (30) - Clear Mechat shooting with no damage
Minotaur, 1 Category Rank MAX (30) - Max out the rank of one category for Minotaur
Minotaur, All Category Rank MAX (50) - Max out the rank of all categories for Minotaur
Monster Dictionary Complete (25) - Complete all entries in the monster dictionary
Phoenix, 1 Category Rank MAX (30) - Max out the rank of one category for Phoenix
Phoenix, All Category Rank MAX (50) - Max out the rank of all categories for Phoenix
Rare Item "Dragon Bracelet" (10) - Find the rare item Dragon Bracelet
Rare Item "Ultimate Conflict Necklace" (10) - Find the rare item Ultimate Conflict Necklace
Rare Item "Ultimate Weapon Bracelet" (10) - Find the rare item Ultimate Weapon Bracelet
Rare Monster "Gold Mecha Robo" (30) - Defeat Gold Mecha Robo
Rare Monster "Golden Unchi-Snake" (30) - Defeat Golden Unchi-Snake
Rare Monster "Ousama Unchi-kun" (30) - Defeat Ousama Unchikun
Simultaneous Encounter, Over 10 Parties (30) - Successfully pull off over 10 parties 
of simultaneous encounters and defeat all the monsters
Successful Back Attack (5) - Successfully pull off a back attack
Successful Simultaneous Encounter (5) - Successfully pull off a simultaneous encounter
Wagon Defense, Perfect (30) - Clear wagon defense with no damage

Infinite SP gain:
Have any character get to Rank 50 on Barrier Magic to get Field Barrier 3. Then, have
that same character get to rank 8 on Black Magic to get Regenerate MP. When you walk
around killing enemies for SP without fighting, you will regenerate the lost MP and 
never run out, effectively giving you an unlimited SP gain. A good area to do this 
trick is in the flying fortress just after Zola leaves the team and goes through the
other warp. In the room just before you meet Szabo are three lasers. When set off, a
flying Mecha Robo appears for each one. Each monster results in a 2 SP gain. Just run
from the save point through the lasers and back to the save point. Continue running 
this path and saving in between when the lasers stop dropping monsters.

When you reach the primitive cube, before you enter the ruins, outside you will find
butterfly monsters. Activate Field Barrier 3. Place your character in the center of 
the field, and tape the Left Analog-stick Up and Right Analog-stick Right. If done 
correctly, you will run around killing endless spawns of these monsters for +2 SP 
each. This is best done with MP Regeneration. You can reach level 99 in a Shadow in
less than an hour. Check regularly in case of skill obtaining, and also if the 
butterflies get in a perfect chasing distance. If they do this, activate the barrier
again and continue. This trick is also best done with Eyepatch or Black Belt.

Easy experience:
Immediately after the scene where the strange voice tells your characters to swallow
the light spheres (after fighting the land shark), there is a chance to gain at least
three or four levels in both class rank and character level. You have the choice to 
escape using the Mechat machine, but do not. Instead, fight the horde of robot enemies.
Note: This may take awhile, but the experience gained can really help your characters 
for what later in the game.

The Underground River area on Disc 2 is a good location to level up your characters
fairly easily. Go to the end of the area where you can find lots of the Kelelon things,
then just keep battling them repeatedly as they will keep respawning. 
Note: Try using R to surround as many monsters in your radius as possible. The 
Underground River is also has lots of other respawning monsters.
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