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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

  Paid in Fyrestone (5 points): Complete 5 missions in the Arid Badlands. 
  Made in Fyrestone (15 points): Complete all missions in the Arid Badlands. 
  Paid in New Haven (10 points): Complete 5 missions in the Rust Commons. 
  Made in New Haven (20 points): Complete all missions in the Rust Commons. 
  My Brother is an Italian Plumber (15 points): Kill an enemy by stomping on its 
  Speedy McSpeederton (10 points): Race around the Ludicrous Speedway in under 
  31 seconds. 
  You call this archaeology? (20 points): Apply an elemental artifact. 
  Ding! Newbie (5 points): Earn level 5. 
  Ding! Novice (10 points): Earn level 10. 
  Ding! Expert (20 points): Earn level 20. 
  Ding! Hardcore (30 points): Earn level 30. 
  Ding! Sleepless (40 points): Earn level 40. 
  Discovered Skag Gully (5 points): Discover Skag Gully. 
  Discovered Sledge's Safe House (5 points): Discover Sledge's Safe House. 
  Discovered Headstone Mine (5 points): Discover Headstone Mine. 
  Discovered Trash Coast (5 points): Discover Trash Coast. 
  Discovered The Scrapyard (10 points): Discover The Scrapyard. 
  Discovered Krom's Canyon (10 points): Discover Krom's Canyon. 
  Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave (15 points): Discover Crimson Lance Enclave. 
  Discovered Eridian Promontory (15 points): Discover Eridian Promontory. 
  Ding! Champion (50 points): Earn level 50. 
  Get A Little Blood on the Tires (20 points): Kill 25 enemies by ramming them 
  with any vehicle. 
  Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest (10 points): Kill 5 Rakk in under 10 seconds. 

Easy 20,000 exp:
Submitted by: xMAFIAx HITMAN3

As soon you are able to get a vehicle, find a safe place away from enemy spawn points 
and find a way to keep the right trigger held down (use a couple of rubberbands).just 
walk away for a few hours and after you have unloaded 100,000 shots you will get 20,000 exp. 
note:This only works one time! so dont waste anymore time than needed, i have tested and 
proven this.
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