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Brain Challenge


Brain Challenge

Creative mode
Take the test on two different days.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
First Touch (5 points): Finish one Daily Test. 
Combo (10 points): Get 30 combos in any mode. 
A+ (10 points): Get an A+ in the Training modes. 
Brain Master (30 points): Get an A+ in all mini-games. 
20% Brain Usage (15 points): Reach 20% Brain Usage. 
40% Brain Usage (15 points): Reach 40% Brain Usage. 
60% Brain Usage (15 points): Reach 60% Brain Usage. 
80% Brain Usage (20 points): Reach 80% Brain Usage. 
100% Brain Usage (20 points): Reach 100% Brain Usage. 
Online. (10 points): Finish one online match. 
Brain Lord. (20 points): Win 10 online matches in a row. 
The One. (30 points): Win a total of 100 online matches. 
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