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Brutal Legend


Brutal Legend

Spike-Quilled Axe:
Successfully complete all Hunter secondary missions to unlock the
Spike-Quilled Axe. Note: The Hunter is located near the large stone
cross in the Grasslands, and he will move halfway through his missions
to the Ice Barracks. Once you complete all Hunter secondary missions,
return to the first place you met him, and he will give you the
Steel-Quill Axe.

Extra nitrous power:
Successfully complete all Racing secondary missions to get increased
nitrous power.

Riding the animals:
All animals as big as Eddie or larger can be ridden. Hit a creature with
a bolt of lightning to stun them. Then, get near them, and press Y.
While riding them, press A to perform an attack specific to that
creature. Raptor Elk and Tullusks are a couple examples of creatures
with melee attacks, while the Laser Panther shoots lasers from its eyes.
The large wooden horse creatures in the final map area (with large
swinging axes for tails) can also be ridden.
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