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Burnout - Championship Drag Racing

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Burnout - Championship Drag Racing

Experiment with the game. There are an almost unlimited amount of
set-ups. Once you get your car built, test it thoroughly to get 
familiar with it. This allows you to cut good lights and run close
on your dial-in. Depending on your preference, you may want to try
deep staging, which is going farther down to where the pre-stage 
light goes off. This will make your reaction time better, but will
give your car less roll out time (less time to start accelerating 
before the elapsed time clock begins).


Tip 1
The key is your predicted ET (Elapsed Time). You'll find this 
oh-so-critical figure hidden in the Delay Box section, and you must
practice, over and over again, to set it correctly for your car and

Tip 2
Try as hard as you can to stage in precisely the same position and 
start at exactly the same moment each time you race.

Tip 3
Don't worry if you can't fathom some of the highly technical jargon
and information found in the manual or in the garage. Remember, 
driving consistently is far more important than mechanical aptitude,
unless of course your goal is to construct the fastest possible car.

Tip 4
Those warmed tires that come from the prerace "burnout" really do 
help stick the car to the track instead of bouncing or veering off 
course. I seemed to get the best burnout from slowly rolling forward
then popping it in reverse and gunning it. Lots of tire smoke this 

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