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Burnout Revenge


Burnout Revenge

Madden Van:
Watch the Madden NFL 06 trailer in the Special Features menu to unlock the 
Madden Van. 

4x4 C165 MID:
Win a medal in Smash My Ride in Rank 5 Sunshine Keys to unlock the 4x4 C165 MID. 

4x4 C180 Super:
Win a medal in Off The Beaten Truck in Rank 1 Lone Peak to unlock the 4x4 C180 

Black Elite Racer:
Reach the Elite rank to unlock the Black Elite Racer. 

Classic Crasher C170:
Win a medal in Cry For Alp in Rank 10 White Mountain to unlock the Classic 
Crasher C170. 

Compact C180 Lite:
Win a medal in Deconstruction Site in Rank 1 Motor City to unlock the Compact 
C180 Lite. 

Compact C185 Super:
Win a medal in Circle Of Strife in Rank 2 Eternal City to unlock the Compact 
C185 Super. 

Criterion GT Racer:
Complete the White Mountian Challenge Sheet to unlock the Criterion GT Racer. 

Criterion M-Type DX:
Win a medal in Traffic Attack: Forwards in Rank 7 Lone Peak to unlock the 
Criterion M-Type DX. 

Criterion M-Type GT:
Win a medal in Eliminator: Short Forwards in Rank 9 Central Route to unlock the 
Criterion M-Type GT. 

Criterion M-Type ST:
Win a medal in Grand Prix 4 in Rank 4 Motor City to unlock the Criterion M-Type 

Criterion R180 ST:
Win a medal in Road Rage: Reverse in Rank 4 Angel Valley to unlock the Criterion 
R180 ST. 

Heavy cars:
Heavy cars ar best at smashing through traffic, but slower with less 
Aftertouch responsiveness (but are less affected by wind). They have 
the most powerful Crashbreakers.

Medium cars:
Medium cars are good all-rounders with balanced weight, speed and 
Crashbreakers that promise decent crash performances. 

Light cars:
Light cars are quick, agile, and jump well but lack power in impacts 
and Crashbreakers. Aftertouch skills are tested when jumping in strong winds.
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