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Submitted by: conner54

Defeating Gabriel:
Use your Dragon Breath gun to take away more life than any other gun you have.

Defeating the Vermin Demon Boss:
At about the end of the second level, you will find the Sangre de Dio.
After you solve the puzzle to unlock the dagger, pick it up and Constantine
will start talking to himself. After about five seconds, an intermission
sequence will start and the Vermin Demon will start to form. When the fight
starts, do not waste your bullets. Pick up the screeching beetle that is on
the left wall when you enter the room, if you do not already have one.
This is the only weapon that has any effect on the Demon. Throw the beetle
at the demon so that it falls to the ground and takes effect faster.
This will paralyze it. Then, get close to it and melee it once with your weapon.
It will disintegrate. If you hit it again, the Vermin Demon will hurt you.
Step back, and now you can start shooting. The Witch's Curse gives a lot of damage.
When it starts to integrate again, go to True Sight so that you can find and pick
up the beetle again. Throw it again and repeat the process.

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