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Diablo 3

Diablo 3


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Diablo 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy experience, money, and items:
To earn XP, gold, and items quickly, start Act III: 7 - Kill Azmodan. Skip past
all the enemies except for elite mobs. Defeat Azmodan, and skip the cutscene.
Teleport back to the stronghold after taking its soul and your loot. Then, talk
to the guard, speed through the dialog, go to the armory, and then the watchtower.
Skip the cutscene, then run through the portal. Go to Tyrael, skip through the
dialogue, and go through the portal. Skip through the additional dialogue, and
then kill Iskatu. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

All - General:
The achievementa you get from doing general things.

Unlockable How to unlock
Scavenger - Pick up 10,000 gold.
Spare Change - Pick up 50,000 gold.
Moneybags - Pick up 100,000 gold.
Deep Pockets - Pick up 500,000 gold.
Staying Gold - Pick up 1,000,000 gold.
All That Glitters - Pick up 5,000,000 gold.
Spoils of War - Pick up 10,000,000 gold.
The One Percent - Pick up 100,000,000 gold.
Armed to the Teeth - Equip all inventory slots with items that have
a minimum required level of 25 or higher.
Prepared for Battle - Equip all inventory slots with items that have
a minimum required level of 60 or higher.
The Comfort of Strangers - Recruit the Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress.
Breaking Not So Bad - Use a merchant to repair an item.

All - General Exploration:
General Exploration achievements

Unlockable How to unlock
A Guiding Light - Use the Templar as your follower.
Me, Myself & Eirena - Use the Enchantress as your follower.
Stolen Moments - Use the Scoundrel as your follower.
Friends with Benefits - Fully equip one of your followers.
Rarely There - Equip a rare (yellow) item.
Legends of the Brawl - Equip a legendary (orange) item.
Chestmaster 2000 - Open 2,000 chests.
Born to Dye - Dye an item.

General Tips:
* Attacks are easier now as You can hold down Your mouse button while you have
an enemy selected to repeatedly attack it. You don't have to click for each
attack as before.

* If Yold the CTRL button while mousing over an item on the ground You will
reveal its stats. This in turn will provide you with a comparison between
the item on the ground and the equivalent item you have equipped.
Dual wielding weapons gives you a 15% attack speed bonus.

* If You hit the ALT key You'll be able to view the names of all the items
on the ground for 10 seconds. Duration can be changed in the options.

* There is a "Force Move" (titled as "Move") command that is unbound by default.
If You bind it to one of your additional mouse buttons it can be usefull.

* Lore books provide experience points.
* Treasure goblins will disappear if you don't kill them fast enough. They
tend to drop a lot of gold and magical items.

* Press the "G" key to plant your banner on the ground.
* Press the "Z" key to get up close and personal with your character.
* Press the "X" key to view the health bars of all the monsters on screen.
* The Numpad buttons on your keyboard allows your character to say pre-recorded
lines that are both audible and appear in the chat box.

* To unlock Hardcore mode You'll have to get a character to level 10.
* When playing with a ranged character class like Witch Doctor, Wizard, or Demon
Hunter if You hold down the mouse button and hit the SHIFT key they'll stop
and attack at the direction You're pointing in.

* To inspect other players and look at what they're wearing just hit right-click
for their character portrait.

* Playing with a friends!? You might considet tactics to have one player as the
party's blacksmith and the others to focus on jewel crafting.

* Crafting artisans are account-wide. This means that everything you do with
with your artisans will be carried over to all your characters.

* Leveling up your artisans and craftsmen is important for salvaging items,
socketing items, and crafting powerful gear.

* Looking for the best items in the game!? It is easier with exploration and
killing elite packs of monsters than bosses.

* There is an XP penalty for killing monsters too different from your current
character level. If the level difference is less than 5, there is no penalty.
If the difference is between 5-10, there is a small penalty. If the difference
is over 10, you'll only receive 5% XP for killing the monster. You will gain
bonus XP for killing monsters up to 3 levels above your level.

* Finally, to earn money You'll have to go to the Real Money Auction House (RMAH)
and sell your items there. In the RMAH, you have the option to earn "Battle
Bucks" or cash it out through PayPal. "Battle Bucks" reside in your Battle.net
account and cannot be cashed out. You can use "Battle Bucks" to buy items on
the RMAH without spending real money.

Save Your Experience Gear:
* Experience gear can cut your play time by as much as 20%. But you need to keep
upgrading your gear or else the bonus experience won't be enough for your current
level. Having a bunch of sets of experience gear every few levels will help.
Just so you know, you don't really need full sets, just a few pieces to make a
difference on your next character.

* Also, if you are running out of space and don't want to upgrade your shared
stash, the best way to keep them is to create a few extra characters and pass
the gear to them using the shared stash.

* This will also save you money, but eventually, you should upgrade your shared
stash to avoid wasting time moving items between characters.

Farming experience, gold, and items:
Select the Act I quest "The Legacy Of Cain - Explore Cellar" segment. Take the
waypoint to The Old Ruins and go north, then east. Go down the cellar to encounter
a named mob (Captain Daltyn) and his minions. Kill him for at least one magic item
and some coins. Loot the cauldron for at least one health potion. Talk to Leah for
quest completion experience and gold. A loot chest also appears 40% of the time.
Exit and repeat. The good thing about this method is that the pathway never changes.
However, you will keep hearing a Tristram Militia whining about how he promised to
save Marko and he did not.

Easy life potions:
When you enter an area that gives you a life potion or chest, make sure to collect
them. Then, leave the game and resume it. The place where you clicked on to get
the previous potion will give you another potion every time. Note: There may not
be always a chest; if this happens, leave the game and resume it.
Most of the time another chest will appear, and the treasure will vary from an
item to gold, or both.

Removing quest text from chat:
Open the "Sound" options and uncheck the "Show Quest Dialog in Chat" option in
the bottom right corner.

Easy power level for alternate characters:
To power level an alternate character, simply put a high level gem on them to
have them reach stats that normally are not available to low level characters.
At Level 20, socket armor and weapons become plentiful. You can put on Level 60
gems to have a very powerful force, even without a high level character. If you
later need to remove a gem and place it on superior gear, you can have the
blacksmith break the armor or you can remove it with gold using the gem remover.

Secret Development Hell level:
Development Hell is a hidden area in the game. During the "A Shattered Crown"
quest in Act I on the Nightmare or harder difficulty, choose the part where you
have to open the gate. Go to the Cemetery Of The Forsaken, and check all the crypt
names. There are three areas named Defiled Crypt you can enter, one of which has
the quest goal. When entering one of the crypts, there is a random chance it will
instead take you to Development Hell. If none of the crypts take you to Development
Hell, save and quit the game. Resume the saved game, and repeat this process until
one of the crypts are Development Hell. In Development Hell, the normal Risen Dead
enemies are named after the Diablo 3 development team, with their descriptions
being their job title. The game director, Jay Wilson, is an elite monster, and
killing him grants the hidden Feat Of Strength achievement "Smash! Jay, Smash!"
along with a Banner Sigil.

Diablo III picks up the story twenty years after the events of Diablo II.
Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal have been defeated, but the Worldstone, which
once shielded the inhabitants of the world of Sanctuary from the forces
of both Heaven and Hell, has been destroyed, and evil once again stirs
in Tristram. Playing as a hero from one of five distinct character classes,
players will acquire powerful items, spells, and abilities as they explore
new and familiar areas of Sanctuary and battle hordes of demons to safeguard
the world from the horrors that have arisen.

* Five powerful character classes to choose from, including the barbarian
and witch doctor.
* Brand-new 3D graphics engine enhanced with spectacular visual effects and
Havok physics.
* Numerous indoor and outdoor areas detailing new regions in the world of
* Interactive environments with dangerous traps and obstacles, and destructible
* Randomly generated worlds bolstered by scripted events for endless and
dynamic gameplay.
* Vast assortment of fiendish monsters, with unique attack patterns and
* New quest system and character-customization options for the ultimate
action RPG experience.
* Multiplayer functionality over Battle.net with support for cooperative
and competitive play.

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