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Elite Warrior - Vietnam

Elite Warrior - Vietnam


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Elite Warrior - Vietnam

Submitted by: conner54

While playing, press ' or ; to bring up the console.
Enter any of the following codes with a forward slash in front of them.
Example: /godmode

Code Result
/ac - God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Fly Mode
/arrival - Render Arrival Points
/ammo - Unlimited Ammo
/cheatcheat - Enable All Cheats
/ec - Follow Mode
/fovs - Render Enemy FOV's
/give # - Give Item #
/fly - Fly Mode
/godmode - God Mode
/hitlermode - Hitler Mode
/invis - Invisibility
/losemission - Lose Mission
/pathdraw - Render Patrol Paths
/tod # - Change Time of Day (1-5)
/winmission - Win Mission

Cheatmode demoversion:
Submiited by: Hapa

You must first bring up the chat command line by pressing the Global Chat key
(defaults to '). Then type in /cheatcheat to enable cheats. After cheats are
enabled type the following to activate various cheats:

Code Result
/stats - render game statistics (FPS, polys, etc)
/godmode - makes user and his squad invincible
/ammo - guns will no longer use ammo
/fly - user can fly
/invis - enemies won't see or hear anything the player and his squad does
/winmission - automatically wins mission
/losemission - automatically loses mission

Cheats are not available in multiplayer.
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