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Emergency 2012

Emergency 2012



Emergency 2012

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: BoneK

Type JUMCO (for the Deluxe version) or VHOEZ (for the Standard version) 
at the main menu to enable cheat mode, then activate hte following cheats
by entering the corresponding codes:

Win game       - [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[F7]
Lose game      - [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[F8]
Add credits    - [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[F11]
Mission select - [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[F12]

Unlock missions:
Use a text editor to edit the "campaignprogress.xlm" file in the "C:\Users\[username]\
AppData\Local\Quadriga Games Emergency 2012" directory. Add the line [mission index="1" 
score="157400" efficiency="100.000000" missionmedal="1" questSolved="0" /] to the file. 
Add the same line again, but increase the mission number to 2. Repeat this a total of 
fifteen times until the line includes the value for mission 15. Then, edit the text 
that reads Mission Index= and change its value to 15. Start the game and all missions 
up to mission 15 will be unlocked.

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