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Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King

Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King



Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

Cheat codes:
Press [Esc] to pause game play during a level, then hold [Left Shift]
+ [Left Ctrl] + [Left Alt] and enter one of the following codes on 
the [Keypad] to activate the cheat function.
A metallic sound will confirm correct code entry. 

Effect                  Character   Code
+1000 experience points Gimli       5564
+1000 experience points Gandalf     5689
+1000 experience points Merry       9974
+1000 experience points Frodo       9689
+1000 experience points Faramir     7687
+1000 experience points Aragorn     8764
+1000 experience points Sam         6494
+1000 experience points Pippin 6474
+1000 experience points Legolas 4684
Toggle Level 2 Skills Merry 5977
Toggle Level 2 Skills Aragorn 5646
Toggle Level 2 Skills Sam         5456
Toggle Level 2 Skills Gandalf 9646
Toggle Level 2 Skills Pippin 9498
Toggle Level 2 Skills Legolas 7757
Toggle Level 2 Skills Gimli 8577
Toggle Level 2 Skills Frodo 6895
Toggle Level 2 Skills Faramir 4749
Toggle Level 4 Skills Legolas 9944
Toggle Level 4 Skills Aragorn 9757
Toggle Level 4 Skills Merry 7459
Toggle Level 4 Skills Sam         8974
Toggle Level 4 Skills Gimli 6798
Toggle Level 4 Skills Frodo 6859
Toggle Level 4 Skills Gandalf 6874
Toggle Level 4 Skills Pippin 4999
Toggle Level 4 Skills Faramir 4477
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Gandalf 9469
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Aragorn 7958
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Frodo       7967
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Faramir 7686
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Legolas 7665
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Sam         7457
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Gimli       8757
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Pippin 8875
Toggle 3 Hit Combo      Merry       6486
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Pippin      5656
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Aragorn     5677
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Legolas     9589
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Merry       9976
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Sam         9988
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Frodo       9946
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Gimli       9697
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Gandalf     6648
Toggle Level 6 Skills   Faramir     6495
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Frodo       5599
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Sam         5566
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Faramir     5999
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Gandalf     5799
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Merry       9647
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Legolas     7889
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Pippin      7885
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Aragorn     8768
Toggle Level 8 Skills   Gimli       4597
Unlock Secret Character Frodo       6555
Restore Missiles        Gimli 5554
Restore Missiles        Merry       7556
Restore Missiles        Pippin      8597
Restore Missiles        Gandalf     6947
Restore Missiles        Aragorn     6776
Restore Missiles        Faramir     6844
Restore Missiles        Legolas     6669
Restore Missiles        Frodo       6665
Restore Missiles        Sam         4454

Unlock Gandalf's Level 4 Attacks and Abilities: 
Submitted by:Shoaib

Go to the pause screen and hold the Left CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keys. Then
input the numeric sequence: 6, 8, 7, 4 on the number pad (while holding 
the other buttons). Then release the buttons. You will hear a metallic 
clink sound to confirm your cheat was accepted.

Unlock Four-Hit Combo For Aragorn: 
Submitted by: conner54

Pause the game and enter 8, 7, 6, 9. 

Submitted by: Lc

While in the game, press ESC and hold LSHIFT, LCNTRL and LALT, 
and press in the key pad:

5964 - perfect mode
7754 - restore health
6869 - always devasting
8967 - all upgrades
7795 - infinite missiles
7578 - invulnerable
9587 - targeting indicator mode

Submitted by: gullu

In the last stage the crack of doom one needs to kill gollum many thinks that it
is ehard but trust me it is the easiest.bring frodo to the edgeand wait until 
gollum arrives when he also comes near the edge for hitting you you whack him 
and press space trust i only used one health and this hint of my should work.

Quick start:
Start the game with the +forcemenu main command line parameter to start the 
game faster. 

Hidden trailer:
Allow the game to idle at the main menu. After a few minutes, a new trailer for
the game will play. 

Minas Tirith Courtyard: Easy completion: 
Stand off in a corner and keep blocking. No one will hurt you, or be able to. The
Trolls are too far away; just leave them alone. Eventually, the 200 civilians will
get through. It will just take longer.

Minas Tirith: Top of the wall:
After you destroy the fourth tower, go down one set of stairs, then go back up. 
Go to the top of the tower. Pick up the objects on top of the tower. They will 
give you more experience. 

Cirith Ungol: Defeating the Boss: 
Stun him with a spear after you have destroyed his shield. The health bar will 
appear again. Then, attack him as long as possible. If the health bar disappears 
again, run away until he is going to take a new shield. Destroy the shield, stun, 
attack, run and repeat until he is dead.

Black Gate:
There are two checkpoints in this level, but it is still difficult. First, you 
will have to defeat a big, black caped enemy. He is very easy to defeat if you 
use fierce attacks. Then, you must defeat six fat Orcs with green health bars 
above their heads. As they approach, you will have to fight many Orcs and protect 
your friends. Their health bar will be at the top of the screen. When it gets low, 
go to them and help them kill the Orcs. When you stand next to your friend, he will 
glow and get health. Make sure you stay next to him to get his health up. After 
three big Orcs are destroyed, the Orcs will attack ou from three different 
directions. Keep helping your friends and killing Orcs. Once you have killed all 
six fat Orcs, you will reach a checkpoint. Three Nazgul will appear. Kill them by 
shooting your ranged weapon (arrows or axes). Once all three of them are killed, 
the level will end. 

Shelob's Lair: Easy experience:
When you get to the part where Sam says "I can't get by this", fight all the Orcs. 
Once you have finished, go to the top of the ridge where you push off the rocks.
Push the rock and the Orcs will be there, giving you more experience. 

Shelob's Lair: Easy Perfect mode: 
To get perfect mode easily, use speed attacks repeatedly on the little spiders. 
This will raise your Perfect meter quickly while in a pack of the spiders.

Invisible character:
Complete the game and play as a character who you are not meant to play that mission
(for example, playing as Legolas on Cirith Ungol). In the intermission sequences, 
your character will remain where you left him and not do what the default character
would have done. This is most notable in The Tower of Cirith Ungol level, where in 
the final intermission sequence you will see a sword flying around by Frodo's head 
on its own and Sam's voice coming out of nowhere; and The Southern Gate level where
in the final intermission sequence you can see Aragorn and Legolas running into the
battle and your character just stays in the gate. 

Paths Of The Dead:
This level may be played as either Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli. During the level you
will meet multiple dead enemies. You can easily kill them with fierce attacks, 
especially the ones without shields. When you reach the blue fog, your character 
will move slowly. Be aware of enemies in the blue fog. The last battle is on a long
bridge on which you will have to kill 35 opponents. After completing the last battle
the level will end and you will unlock The King Of The Dead level.

Black Gate: Defeating the Nazgul:
When you get near the end of the Black Gate level, you will face three Nazgul 
warriors. The best way to defeat them is use the flaming spears. Alternately, 
play as Legolas at level 15 and use the Mithril Arrows with the Double Shot. 
Get your character's strongest arrows or axes and fire them at the Ringwraiths. 
It will require nine arrows or axes. 
Use Aragorn's upgrade to light the Nazgul on fire. It kills them quickly. Throw 
a flaming spear at one, and they will charge at you. By doing this, you only 
have to fight one at a time. 

Cirith Ungol: Easy kills:
As Sam, wait for someone to knock over another Orc then run up and quickly kill 
him. Eliminate them one by one and eventually get up to the Boss. An easy way to 
kill him is to keep throwing pikes at him. Make sure time does not run out while 
fighting the Orcs. 
When you are fighting the hordes of Uruk-Hai at the bottom of the staircase leading 
to the Boss, look for the vats of lava. Use your invisibility move to sneak up on 
it. When you think the Uruks are close, press [Action] to spill the vats, killing 
all the Uruks. If there are any that remain standing, use the flame-tipped pikes. 
This level does not have any checkpoints, but has many Orcs. Take Sam through the 
level and destroy eighty Orcs. After killing them, you will have to fight a fat Orc.
Use fierce attacks to kill him, then hit the catapult to kill off the Orcs. 
Remember to look for buckets of fire to knock down to kill the Orcs. Also, when 
you reach bridges that you must pull down, put them down when Orcs are underneath 
to kill them.

Pelennor Fields:
The battle will start with killing sixty Orcs and warriors. Once that is done, 
you will have to defeat an Oliphaunts. Use the catapults at the top of the hill, 
and if that does not destroy it, you can finish it off with your ranged weapon. 
After it is destroyed, quickly run down the hill to the battle field. Do not 
kill any Orcs or warriors, as you will not have time. Get to the other hill and 
go to the top of it. Another Oliphaunt will appear. Do the same thing as done 
to the other one. Once it is destroyed, go to the end of the hill where the 
Nazgul is located. Shoot your ranged weapons at it until it goes away. Another 
Oliphaunt will appear, and you must destroy it. Make sure you are on the right 
side where the Oliphaunt is. Keep repeating this process until the Nazgul is 
destroyed to end the level.

Road To Isengard:
As Gandalf, you will encounter many Uruk-Hai. You will easily kill them with 
your attacks. When you reach the part where Ents are killing Orcs, you will 
join the battle and must wait until 75 Uruk-Hai are dead. After this, your 
journey will continue. When you reach to group bunch of towers, destroy all 
of them by shooting your ranged weapon at the explosives under the towers. 
Once they are destroyed, you will keep going on until the end. At the end 
you must help destroy the wall that is blocking the water from coming out 
and wiping out all of Isengard. Kill any Orc that approaches by the Ent and 
let him break the wall. Once he does this, you will have finished the level.

Southern Gate: Endless enemies:
Contrary to popular belief there is not an endless supply of enemies in this 
level. Although it may seem like the Orcs will not stop appearing, there are 
actually about 300 to 400 enemies. 

Successfully complete the game:
You can play with Faramir, Merry, Pippen. You can see Andy Serkis interview, 
Billy Boyd interview, David Menham, Dom Monaghan interview. 

Unlock Faramir Early:
On the first mission where you battle at helms deep press Esc the hold down Lft 
Shift + Lft Ctrl + Lft Alt and type the following code on the number pad: 4466. 
Now after you have completed the mission Faramir should be availible to play on 
all other missions.

Walls Of Minas Tirith: Siege towers:
Destroy the first siege tower with the catapult near the middle of the wall. It 
requires two hits to topple. For the second tower that rolls over to the far 
right, you can just use your projectiles to take it out. Keep firing at it in 
order to bring it down. 
When you have destroyed the third siege tower, go to the fourth one and kill all 
the Orcs that are in there until you cannot see any more. Then, shoot down the 
siege tower with your arrows. Once that is done, go to the men that are guarding 
the stairs. Walk down there to complete the level.

Cut The Bull:
Although the movie may be great, when you really want to start right into the game,
add this line to the game execuatble. Begin by creating a short cut to the game's 
executable on the desktop (or the start menu). Then right mouse click on it and 
enter the PROPERTIES button. Add +forcemenu main to the end of the command line 
so the final result should look something like this: 

drive_letter:Program FilesEA GAMESLOTR The Return of the King tmROTK.exe 
+forcemenu main

King of the dead:
Submitted by: aragorn

play paths of the dead as aragorn;during the level tipe the code to unlock 
faramir;complete the level then play escape from osgiliath as faramir;during 
the level tipe the code to give faramir more experience and to get his level 8 
skills;you must give him about 30000-40000 experience;complete that level then 
buy for faramir as many upgrades you can(first buy fire arrows and more health)
play as faramir in king of the dead;when the king calls for his soldiers stay 
behind a rock and shoot arrows at them;shoot also arrows at the king if you have 
time;use your combos to do more damage at the king;when he use the wind,when he 
prepare to blow the wind shoot arrows at him then quickly hide behind a rock 
before he blows the wind;after you destroy him,you must run before the mountain 
will come down;when the enemyes appear destroy them as fast as you can because an 
avalanche will come if you fight them too much;after 3 groups of enemyes you shall 
run out and the mission will end.

Beat The Crack of Doom Really Easily:
When you are fighting gollum you usually get your butt kicked (unless you are
really good). I found it really easy to beat him by letting Sam hit him and beat
him up. But when Gollum attacks you block him. (Watch out for his jump kicks!!!)
Usually sometimes Sam makes Gollum go wobbly armed so push him and make him fall
on the edge. Then stab him with the killing move. He will fall off and climb back
up again. Do that repeatedly until you win.

Escape From Osgiliath:
When you reach the end of the level, you will be in a sewer. A few small Orcs will
be there, and you can easily kill them. You will then encounter a fat Orc with a 
health bar above his head. Use the following tactics to avoid killing him. You 
can put on your invisibility cloak and pull down the gate; you can take the health
and pull down the gate; or, if playing co-op, have one player repeatedly press 
[Parry] while the other lowers the gate. After lowering the gate, walk out to 
complete the level.

Tower of Cirith Ungol: Ghost character:
Complete the game and play as someone other than Sam on the Tower of Cirith Ungol
level. Once you defeat the Boss Orc at the end of the level, stand in the middle
of the room that you face him in, on the patch of floor that is boarded up. In 
the following intermission sequence you will see your character flying over a 
hole in the floor and an Uruk passing through him.

Play as Aragorn as the king in every level:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Enter the "player" directory in the game folder. Rename
the "char_ara.scw" file into something like "char_araa.scw". Then, rename the 
"char_arc.scw to "char_ara.scw". Finally, rename the "char_araa.scw" file to 
"char_arc.scw". The game's textures now have swapped names. Select Aragorn as 
the character that you wish to play. Aragorn has now been crowned before he 
ever did anything. Note: Now that the textures have changed, some things might
go wrong. For example, Aragorn is unable to climb ladders; he still can do Orc 
Bane but will not perform the move where he will stands still until the enemy 
is dead; etc

Play as Frodo or Sam from the Crack Of Doom in every level:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Enter the "player" directory in the game folder. Rename
the "char_fro.scw" file into something like "char_froo.scw". Then, rename the 
"char_frd.scw to "char_fro.scw". Finally, rename the "char_froo.scw to 
"char_frd.scw". You now can play as the Crack Of Doom version of Frodo in 
every level. The same thing can be done for the files for Sam.

the crack of doom:
Submitted by: BOSS OF MORDOR

you will see that gollum cannot die and you must make him fall into the fires of 
mount doom;first go to the edge and when gollum come parry him then use a speed 
attack to make him lose his balance,then a fierce or phsihical attack to make him 
fall and a killing move to finish him;repeat this 5 times until gollum is dead;

final level of evil campaign(rivendell):
Submitted by: GONDOR KING

start building some tunnels then a fissure;upgrade the fissure to level 3 and train 
about 7-8 giants;attack rivendell when you arrive near the gate kill all mirkwood 
archers and destroy all the enemy towers near the gate,then destroy the gate;make 
again more giants and when you have about 10 giants get inside rivendell and destroy 
quickly the enemy fortresses then you win the campaign;

Submitted by: aragorn

start killing the archers on the gate then defeat the remaining orcs;remain near the gate 
will all of your forces,except pippin;get pippin into the middle camp then capture it and 
build your camp;make sure you have all gondor military building(also build as many 
blacksmith you can on the middle camp)and rohan stable,archery range and armory;when you 
have command points build gondor archers until you have the archery range on level 2 after 
that research fire arrows and train rangers(build sentry towers on all camps because some 
wargs will attack them from the flanks)when mumakils arrive keeep at the gate only the 
archers and the hero archers,after you defeat the mumakils the rohan army will arrive;when 
a countdown appears,that says frodo arrives at mount doom retreat to all of yours camps and 
stay there more enemyes will appearbut they will gather at the gate and not attack you,so 
you'll only have to wait until the countdown expires and you'll win the campaign;

Purchasing upgrades:
When you have the option to purchase new skills, make sure you get the skill that allows 
you longer life, then purchase skills for the entire team starting at level 2 and working
up to level 8 first.

When purchasing upgrades, always try to get all of the level upgrades before purchasing 
the higher level attacks. This is because some attacks require certain level 2 attacks 
(for example, Ranger Fury). 

Easy experience:
Use the following trick to level up the hobbits. After Palantir of Sauron or Saruman is 
unlocked, choose one of them in cooperative mode. Select two of the hobbits, then enable
the "Invincibility" and "Perfect mode" codes. At the end of the level, both characters 
should have gained two to three levels.

Palantir of Sauron level:
Successfully complete the game then train all characters to over level 10. 
Note: Minas Tirith: The Courtyard or Palantir Of Saruman levels are good places to 
train your characters to level 10 and above.

Defeating champions:
When playing as Sam and you have to fight enemies with green health bars, use your 
special ability, move behind them, then use the killing move. This does not work on
Bossesm but can save you if you are low on health.

Walls Of Minas Tirith: Extra experience:
At the part where the siege towers are approaching, use the catapult to destroy the 
first and third ones. On the third tower. the Nazgul will come up and swoop. When he 
does this, use your ranged attacks to kill it. This will block the way to the other 
tower. Swing down the rope, go across the ledge, knock over the other ladder, climb 
up the rope, and go to the other tower. Once you have knocked the tower over, go to
the front and go up the stairs to the top of the watchtower. There will be seven 
Elven-stones there, giving you 1,000 experience points each. Then, go back down the
stairs and down to the courtyard to end the level.

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