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Submitted by: Bart
Shoot Locks:
If you have a gun you can shoot the locks that usually require a crowbar to open.

Monkey See, Monkey Die! mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 11 through 15 five a three star or greater rank.

Mouth Of Madness level: Bonus item:
In this level, you must kill the smiley hunter on the tower and bring his
body to the guard room. Kill the hunter on the tower and make sure to cut
off his head. However, do not bring his body to the guard room (just his
head). An intermission sequence will show you entering the guard room with
only the head. Starkweather will say "For bringing this head I will leave
you a little gift in the next location". Look around for the unknown item.

Hard as Nails mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 1 through 5 five a three star or greater rank.

Easy five star rating in hardcore mode:
Successfully complete the game in Fetish mode. Then, enable the "God mode"
code and play the game in hardcore mode. You will be invincible. Execute
everyone. If you are seen, run into the shadows, execute him, then run through
the level.

Time 2 Die mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 16 through 20 five a three star or greater rank.

Brawl Game mini-game:
Successfully complete levels 6 through 10 five a three star or greater rank.

Born Again level: Early sawed-off shotgun:
After you are let out of the execution room, you will soon find yourself in
a basketball court where you have to defeat several gang members that are
sent out after you. There is an opening in the fence around the court where
you will see a posted sign reading "Vote Congressman Matthew R. Dione for
Willington Mayor". Under the sign in the tall grass should be a sawed-off

Killing Piggsy:
To finish off Piggsy, after you stab him three times go up the stairs and
lure him onto the grate at the top level. The grate will bend the first
time and he will run away. Lure him back upstairs and onto the grate for
a second time and he will fall through. Make sure that you are also not
on the grate or you will suffer a similar fate as Piggsy.

Opening gates:
When on a level that requires a crowbar to open a gate, just shoot the lock
with a gun. You can now walk through the gate.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Fahim

To unlock these cheats, you must first earn 5 stars in Hardcore Mode for
each scene number then type these cheats at the title screen.

Fully Equipped (Scenes 9 & 10): UGOTARMS
Helium Hunters (Scenes 7 & 8) : THEYBOOM
Invisibility (Scenes 17 & 18) : EVILEYES
Monkey Skin (Scenes 15 & 16) : HELLSUIT
Piggsy Skin (Scenes 19 & 20) : PIGGSUIT
Rabbit Skin (Scenes 13 & 14) : BUNYSUIT
Regeneration (Scenes 5 & 6) : HEALBACK
Runner Mode (Scenes 1 & 2) : URUNFAST
Silence Mode (Scenes 3 & 4) : ALLRDEAF
Super Punch (Scenes 11 & 12) : UHITHARD 

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