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Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands



Prince Of Persia - The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands all 21 Sarcophagi Locations:
Submitted by: Arju

Each sarcophagus you destroy is worth about 20 XP, in addition to some health and 
energy orbs. You must Power Attack a sarcophagus to break it. 

1.This is the sarcophagus that's pointed out to you as part of the in-game tutorial.
  Run up a wall and jump to reach the beam, then leap to the climbing stones and 
  wall-run up to the sarcophagus's ledge.

2.In the Fortress Courtyard, the second sarcophagus is on a ledge directly below the
  first wall switch. It's difficult but not impossible to miss.

3.When you reach the spike-trapped floors in the Fortress Courtyard, the Prince will
  mention that there aren't any statues in the courtyard. This is your cue to pay 
  attention to the ledges below you, where you'll notice a sarcophagus. Run through 
  the gauntlet of spike traps, then drop down and cling to the ledge with the circle/
  B button. Shimmy along the edge until you reach a ledge you can drop down to, then 
  run along the wall to the right, moving from ledge to ledge, until you can climb 
  to the area where the sarcophagus is kept.

4.Once you manage to make it through the Prison, there's a sequence where you have 
  to activate a floor switch, then run past some arrow and spike traps to get under
  a gate before it closes. Having done so, there's a wall on the right just past the
  gate that you can climb, allowing you to do some simple platforming and reach the 
  sarcophagus. Use the banner underneath it to drop down, and you'll be back at the 

5.Near the beginning of the Sewer, after you escape the first room, look above you as
  you leap onto the horizontal beam. There's a second beam overhead that you can barely
  see under ordinary circumstances. Climb all the way up the next column, then make a 
  blind jump towards the screen. The Prince will land on the higher beam, and the camera
  will swing around to face this well-hidden sarcophagus.

6.Right before you leave the Sewer, turn left to find the sarcophagus across a lengthy 
  gap, with two water jets in the way. The trick is that they turn off and on at irregular
  intervals, so you need to use very careful timing. Freeze the first one, then leap and
  deactivate the Flow in midair, allowing the jet to appear right in time for you to grab

7.After you avoid Ratash's first attack in the Royal Chambers and run back inside, you 
  get ambushed by a small legion of sand creatures in a bedroom. Deal with them, then 
  hit the two wall switches in the back of the room by climbing up the water column. 
  When both are pushed, it opens a secret door.

8.After your second run-in with Ratash in the Royal Chambers, you're asked to climb two
  parallel waterfalls, using a pair of water jets between them to gain extra height. 
  Swing off the top water jet and deactivate the Flow in mid-air, passing through the 
  right waterfall and landing on a hidden ledge with the sarcophagus.

9.Instead of running through the spokes of the water wheel at the end of the Royal 
  Chambers, climb up the wall to the climbing stones, which you should be barely able 
  to see above you. From there, you can leap to a flagpole and swing to the ledge where
  this sarcophagus is hidden.

10.Right as you enter the Throne Room, turn left and climb the stones to the left of 
   the door. Wall-run left at the top of the wall and make a blind jump to a couple 
   of water jets you can't see, swinging off of them to reach the hidden sarcophagus.

11.After sliding down the long vertical shaft in the Terrace, using the banners and 
   flagpoles, you'll propel yourself via Flight over to a ledge with a few enemies. 
   Dispatch them, then climb the ledges to the right of the door.

12.In the Rooftop Gardens, when you reach the area where you saw Malik fighting, check
   behind the tree.

13.After the big fight scene in the Rooftop Gardens, leap to the ledge underneath the 
   nearby waterfall and climb up. The waterfall is hiding a secret area, where you 
   can climb up a wall to reach this sarcophagus.

14.After the big fight scene near the end of the Aqueducts, instead of using the 
   vultures to leave the area, drop down off the edge. You can safely drop down to
   a hidden balcony, where you'll find a sarcophagus in an alcove.

15.In the statue room in the Ruins of Rekem, just before you have the chance to 
   escape, you'll find yourself standing on a balance beam with recallable platforms
   to your left and right. The right path leads to the exit; the left leads to a short
   corridor full of swinging axes, with this sarcophagus at its end.

16.Right after you find the last sarcophagus, look for this one behind a waterfall 
   right before you go through the next gate.

17.You pretty much trip over this sarcophagus while you're trying to unlock the secret
   passage in the throne room of Rekem.

18.In the Reservoir, after defeating the Titan near the beginning of the area, jump 
   through the waterfall to the left of the recallable area. Roll through the gap in
   the wall to find this sarcophagus.

19.There's a lion-headed statue in the Rekem Reservoir, which Razia is standing in front
   of when she activates all of the waterspouts in the area. When you reach that statue,
   drop down off the edge of the platform next to it and shimmy right until you find 
   some rocks you can climb down. Slide down them, then wall-run left onto the ledge 
   and follow it around until you find this sarcophagus.

20.This sarcophagus is in plain sight behind a closed door in Solomon's Hall. Reaching
   it is the trick. Run up the wall and hit the switch to the right of the gate, 
   activating the water jets, and jump off the switch to grab the jet. Swing on both 
   jets to the wall and run up it to the ledge, then shimmy all the way to the right 
   of the ledge and wall-run to the switch above the entry door. Leap off the switch 
   and run like hell to the gate before it closes to claim this sarcophagus.

21.You'll notice this sarcophagus in the background as you're getting close to the 
   top of the King's Tower, while you're leaping from vulture to vulture. When you 
   reach the end of the second vulture sequence, jump to the recalled ledge and stay
   there. Instead of climbing the wall to your left, go fly over to the vulture in 
   the background and kill some more birds to propel yourself around to the 
   sarcophagus's resting place.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockable: New Game +:
Start a new game after defeating the final Boss and immediately open up the upgrade 
menu -- all your old upgrades will still be there but won't come into effect until 
the sand army is released (when you can first start upgrading your prince). 
With this information you should be able to go back through and get anything you may
have missed first time round.

Sarcophagus locations:
Search the following locations to find all ten Sarcophaguses. Note When you get near
a Sarcophagus, you will hear a sound and can identify them by their blue orb glow.

1.Near the exit of "The Stables", climb to the top of the octagonal-shaped room, 
  to find the first Sarcophagus.
2.In "The Fortress Courtyard", jump to the platform beneath the circular switch 
  you have to activate to progress.
3.After the spiked floors in "The Fortress Courtyard", drop off the main path,
  and slide along a series of ledges to reach the Sarcophagus.
4.Near the exit of "The Prison", activate the switch to open the gate. As you
  quickly run past the traps to roll under the closing door, before you exit the
  prison, go right to climb the wall, then go right again to find the Sarcophagus.
5.At the start of "The Sewer" when you are climbing the frozen water spout, jump
  towards the beam. Use the frozen water spout again to reach a second beam above
  the first one. Then, you will be able to jump over a gap to reach the Sarcophagus.
6.Near the exit of "The Sewer", walk along the side-path on the left. Then, freeze
  the water to swing across the gap and reach the Sarcophagus on the other end.
7.When you enter a room in "The Royal Chambers" with a water spout on the left
  with switches to its sides, freeze the water, and use it to jump towards each
  switch. The Sarcophagus is behind a door that opens after activating both 
8.In the middle of "The Royal Chambers", you will reach a room with a waterfall
  on both sides, and two accompanying water spouts. Freeze the water, jump up to
  the second water spout, and use it to jump towards the waterfall. While in 
  mid-air, quickly unfreeze your ability so you will go straight through the 
  waterfall and land on a ledge. Then, climb up to find the Sarcophagus.
9.Near the exit of "The Royal Chambers", jump on a ledge to the right of the water
  wheel room, and continue on the ledge without freezing the water. Then,perform 
  a wall run up from the ledge to reach the wall. Jump off the wall to reach a 
  pole. Jump off the pole to another ledge, and move left across it to find the
10.At the beginning of "The Throne Room", climb the wall on the left until you 
   reach the balcony to find the last Sarcophagus.

Pole Glitch:
In some poles after the release of the sand army you can be trapped: the image 
disappears and it's replaced by an image very awkward and you can move to avoid
this in every pole just tap UP if u do this that won't happen.

Door trap:
In some doors when you activate a pole switch the doors may not open there are two
ways to avoid this (i haven't confirmmed them):
1. Start a game in normal and when you activate the switch low the difficulty to easy.
2. Reinstall the game.

Free Upgrades:
Submitted by: Gurmat

Keep some of your upgrades unused. When you enter a checkpoint use the upgrades, 
save the changes, return to the game and make prince die immediately after upgrading 
(you can make him fall from height), when the checkpoint is restarted the upgrades are 
available again..this may be a game bug, but working for me.

Submitted by: tanay joshi
Email: tanay_joshi@yahoo.co.in

1st boss: the 1st boss created by ratash is very easy.when he growl, you have to stop 
there where you are for a sec,then when he step aside you have to roll. he crashes on 
a wall, then go near to him and strike the sword. do this some times and he will be 

2nd boss: 2nd boss is some type of hard.you have to do like the first boss ,when he 
crashes on a wall then you have to do a power attack to strike him.do this some times
and he will be defeated.

ratash: ratash is the 1st main boss.you have to strike the sword on his back of legs
and when he doing strong attack of leg then you have to roll only to protect yoursel.
when you strike his half life,then ratash want a rest so he seat for a time,then quikly
jump on him and strike him then he gone for while then you have to quickly go near to 
him and you have to fight like first until he defeat.

3rd boss: third boss is alike like ratash but when he seat and resting you have 
to jump on him and strike him he will be defeated.

maltash(malik +ratash): you have to do like ratash to strike him but when he fly
up then you have to go behind a wall to protect yourself.when you strike his half life
he gone for a while. then you have to go near to him and fight like first.

strong maltash(last boss):you have to strike on his madalian to defeat him.when he 
do power attack you have to roll opposite side and strike on his madalian. in last 
you have go to near to him and strike him once he will be defeated and your game will
be completed.

Get the upgrades in one go!!!:
Submitted by: Sajal Rastogi

Once have enough experience points to get an upgrade (i.e. when "Upgrade Available" 
appears on the top right corner of the screen) do not get it unless you are sure that
you have completed a checkpoint(so play a little more after fight that has won you 
experience points).

When you are sure that you have completed a checkpoint then get the upgrade, then 
press "Esc". Select "Load Last Checkpoint" from the menu and then you still have 
experience points get another upgrade then press "Esc" again, again load that 
checkpoint and in this way get them all!

Easy Killing:
Submitted by: Chirag Jain
Email: www.lasith.l.m.malinga@gmail.com

When you first start upgrading your powers, start with your health and sand slots, 
after they are full start upgrading the Stone Armour. The Stone Armour will be your 
best defense against any enemy, including bosses. I completed the game with just the 
Stone Armour and Full Life and Sand Slots.

Submitted by: Aninda Das(IamGOD)
E-mail: aaninda_das@yahoo.co.in

Released by the time of the live action film, its story is set into The Sands of Time 
chronology between the first and second games. The HD version (PC/PS3/Xbox 360), the 
Wii version, the PSP version and the DS version all contain different plots.

In the HD version, the Prince is sent by his father to the ancient ruins of King 
Solomon's palace to visit his elder brother Malik, who is the rightful heir to the 
throne and commander of the army. Their reunion is cut short when an invading army 
storms the palace and easily overcomes its defenses.

Facing imminent defeat, Malik decides to release Solomon's mythical army which is sealed 
inside the palace's secret chambers despite the Prince's warnings. The army composed of 
monstrous sand creatures start attacking indiscriminately and the only ones able to 
fight it are the brothers as each one carries one half of the medallion that serves as 
the key to the seal and protects them from the monsters' powers.

Soon after the Prince meets Razia, an ancient Djinn who reveals that the army did not 
belong to King Solomon, but was actually created to destroy him. She asks the Prince 
to have him and Malik rejoin their halves of the key in order to seal the army once more. 
But as the Prince meets Malik he finds that just like him, his brother grows strong as 
he destroys the soldiers of the army and is unwilling to part with his half. As the game 
progresses, the prince tries to convince his brother to help him seal the army without 
success until the duo is forced to confront Ratash, another Djinn who is the real creator 
of the army. Malik manages to defeat Ratash, but its essence gets absorbed by his body 
and eventually Ratash's power overcomes his will.

With Malik's half of the seal destroyed, the only way to destroy the army according to 
Razia is by killing Ratash, using a special sword forged by the Djinn. The Prince manages 
to retrieve the sword from the ancient city of the Djinn and Razia fuses her essence with 
the sword in order to empower it. Despite being unwilling to attack his own brother, the 
Prince confronts and destroys Ratash at the highest spot of the palace. Ratash finally 
disappears, leaving a dying Malik in his brother's arms. With no response from Razia after 
Ratash's defeat, the Prince puts the sword back where he obtained it and departs sorrowfully 
to give the news of Malik's death to his father.

In the Wii version, which occurs chronogically at roughly the same time, the Prince has 
left his father's side in search of a Kingdom to conquer. In the Persian desert wilderness 
he has discovered the forgotten kingdom of Izdihar. As the ruins crumble around him, his 
life is saved by the djinn Zahra, who tells the prince she will lead him into the heart of 
Izdihar to help him conquer it. But as the Prince proceeds he discovers the country is 
occupied by strange beasts and dangerous forces that force him to question Zahra's motives. 
He discovers Zahra's existence is as a guardian of Izdahar and she has led him on a perilous 
journey to rid the kingdom of its powerful and evil possessors. They are a dark sorceress 
and a monster that was once a man. No longer possessing the dagger of time, the Prince is 
forced to learn new powers that will help him in his quest. He learns from the djinn how 
to manipulate sand to give him powers that will help him scale heights beyond all belief, 
and to evade death.

The PSP version features a plot in which the prophecy is written that a member of Prince's 
royal family will bring end to an evil fire spirit Ahihud's dark reign over hidden mystic 
land. To ensure his survival, the evil spirit's minions hunt down those with the royal blood. 
Prince escapes his tower, where he is kept protected by his father, and pursues a mysterious 
guiding light, which turns out to be Helem, a spirit of time who promises to help the Prince 
defeat his enemy.

The plot of the DS version centers around the Prince character being abducted by a cult. 
This cult brings the Prince to an ancient temple in India and uses his sword, which houses 
the Djinn queen Razia, to obtain a blood sacrifice from him. Using the Prince's royal blood 
and Razia's Sand powers, the cult liberates an evil force locked in the temple, erasing 
the Prince's memory and stealing Razia's powers in the process. The temple collapses as 
the evil is freed, and the Prince falls into a pit. At the bottom, Razia's spirit leads 
the Prince to his weapon, and tells him that the ceremony he was abducted for is the reason 
why he doesn't remember anything. She informs him further that he is a prince, and that he 
and Razia are longtime friends, which the Prince believes. He decides to follow her 
instructions warily, as he doesn't remember anything himself. They escape from the bottom 
of the collapsed temple and Razia tells the Prince that their quest must be to hunt down 
and kill the three members of the cult who abducted them.

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