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Submitted by: conner54
Start game, then bring down the console by pressing ~ aka tilde or ',
then enter the code from below for the desired effect.

Code Result
gamestop - Units gets 10% cheaper (only works in campaign mode)
oliphaunt - Elephants gets 40% bigger (only works in campaign mode)
Jericho - Walls fall down in a seige (only in Battle map mode)

Unlocking all Factions without playing through campaigns:
Submitted by: Dusan

To unlock all Factions in the game go to...
C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign
Then open the text file "descr_strat".Then move whoever you want from unlockable or
unplayable to playable. Note - If you move some things to playable from unplayable
they might crash the game if you try to use them or might just outright not work, so be wary.

HUGE amount of Denari:
Submitted by: Dusan

Go to C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign
Then open the text file "descr_strat".Go all the way down till you see (Here's what it should
look like) it shouldn't take long. Then just edit the denari you want to have say from 5000 to
999999 on your selected faction and then close the file run the game and when you play Imperial
Campaign you should have the selected amount of Denari; start of factions section
factionromans_julii,comfortable caesar
denari 5000

Submitted by: Bojan Novakovic

While playing a game, press ~ to display the console window.
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Increase money by 20,000 [Note] add_money 20000
10% cheaper units in campaign mode gamestop or bestbuy
40% bigger elephants in campaign mode oliphaunt
Walls fall down in siege in battle map mode jericho
Add population to indicated city add_population [city name] [number]
Toggle fog of war toggle_fow
Give character the trait at indicated level give_trait [character] [trait] [number]
Complete all building in construction queue;
can only be used once process_cq [city name]
Complete all military units in recruitment
queue; can only be used once process_rq [city name]
Display help for desired command [command]?
Attacker or defender automatically wins
next auto resolved battle auto_win [attacker|defender]
Creates a unit in the selected settlement or
characters army with the stats you input create_unit [settlement or character] [unit ID]
[amount] [exp or armor or weapon]
Lists all traits list_traits
Move indicated character to desired
coordinates move_character [name] [x,y]
Give points for indicated character's trait give_trait_points [character] [trait] [number]
Force opponent to accept diplomatic
proposal force_diplomacy [accept|decline|off]
General invincibile in combat invulnerable_general [character]
Changes date date [year]
Kill indicated character kill_character [character]
Change season season [summer|winter]
Capture indicated city capture_settlement [city name]
Toggle strategy map coastline display toggle_coastlines
Toggle tabbed output window display toggle_tow
Toggle camera restrictions toggle_restrictcam
Toggle underlay toggle_underlay
Toggle overlay toggle_overlay
Toggle everyone's spying ability to
perfect and infinite range toggle_perfect_spy
Toggle building debug mode building_debug
Toggle display of simple performance
times of game update vs. display perf_times
Toggle message collation (sets all
factions) message_collation_set
Toggle show all messages to all
factions show_all_messages
Toggle display of campaign map
flowing water toggle_flowing_water
Toggle display of network stats nw_stats
Toggle pr mode toggle_pr
Give character an ancillary give_ancillary
Reset character to start of turn settings character_reset
Show cursor position and region ID show_cursorstat
Toggle the terrain to display various data
sets; no parameter resets to normal toggle_terrain
Give character points for trait give_trait_points
List all available ancillaries list_ancillaries
Give the character movement points mp [value]
List all characters in the world or those
belonging to a faction list_characters
Show landing positions available to the AI
from a given region; default hides them show_landings
Apply filter to world map coastlines filter_coastlines
Set health of building of the specified type
in a settlement set_building_health [value]
Set maximum speed of turn processing
during AI round ai_turn_speed [value]
Set aerial map overlay depth bias for
minimum zoom amdb_min [value]
Set aerial map overlay depth bias for
maximum zoom amdb_max [value]
Set aerial map overlay offset towards
camera amdb_offset [value]
Zoom to specified aerial map zoom zoom [value]
Set denominator of the faction ranking graph
interval (calculated as number_of_turns divided
by denominator); if 0, then denominator will be
set to number_of_turns for an interval of 1 set_ranking_interval [value]
Regenerate radar regenerate_radar
Adjust sea bed to specified height adjust_sea_bed [value]
Reload all vertex shaders reload_shaders
Reload all textures reload_textures
Fire toggle_game_update [mt|toggle|reload|int]
Force display reset cycle reset_display
Set diplomatic stance between the two
factions diplomatic_stance [value]
Add all ancillary to the character info
display test_ancillary_localisation
Ignite all piggy winks burn_piggies_burn
Test the event message specified in
descr_event_enums.txt test_message
Display defensive terrain features show_terrain_lines
Clear all stacked messages clear_messages
List all units in an army list_units
Show victory message for faction
for short or long campaign victory
Trigger advice trigger_advice
Damage wall of settlement damage_wall [none|gate|breach]
Open victory scroll declaring that
the given faction is the victor test_victory_scroll
Trigger unit upgrade effect upgrade_effect
Force local player's alliance to win the
battle force_battle_victory
Force local player's alliance to lose the
battle force_battle_defeat
Output positions of all units in the battle
to the specified file output_unit_positions [filename]
Show all valid processed paths in
pathfinder show_battle_paths
Show all valid processed paths in
pathfinder for specific unit given a unit ID show_battle_paths_for_unit [value]
Show the street plan for the settlement show_battle_street_plan
Display a marker at x, y for t seconds show_battle_marker [value]
Display a circle at x, y of r radius
for t seconds show_battle_circle [value]
Remove faction from the game kill_faction [value]
Create diplomacy mission diplomacy_mission
create event at position event [value]
Switch player control to specified
faction; old faction may not act
correctly as AI faction control [value]
Create building of the specified type
in a settlement create_building [value]
Disable AI disable_ai
Halts turn sequence just before the start of
the specified faction's turn, or the current
faction if no faction given halt_ai [value]
Restarts an AI turn sequence run_ai
Unknown shadow
Unknown ie
Unknown puppify_my_love
Unknown reapply_rigid_model_influence

Submitted by: Pham Thanh Nhat

Open the Rome: Total War folder(where u inst'ed R:TW).
Then look for a file named 'preferences'. You will see it easily.
Now use your typing skill to change any settings, like:
LIMITED_AMMO:FALSE to LIMITED_AMMO:TRUE (this will unlimit your flaming ammo, i think)

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