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Serious Sam

Serious Sam



Serious Sam

Cheat Codes:
Use "~" to bring up the console window and use the codes
from the list: 

Result                           Code 
All weapons                    - please giveall
Flight mode                    - please fly
Full health                    - please refresh
God mode                       - please god
Invisibility                   - please invisible
No clipping                    - please ghost
Kill all enemies               - please killall
Open all doors                 - please open
All data available in NETRICSA - please tellall

Cheat mode:
Press [F1] to display the console window, type one of the
following codes, press [Enter], then press [F1].

Result          Code
God mode      - cht_bGod
All weapons   - cht_bGiveAll
Full health   - cht_bRefresh
No clipping   - cht_bGhost
Invisibility  - cht_bInvisible
Flight mode   - cht_bFly

Demo Version Cheats:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Cheat Mode:
Press ~ at the main menu (the one with the single player and demo options) 
to bring up the console window. Then enter one of the following codes. 

Code                                      Result
ListSymbols()                           - Display console commands   
gam_afDamageStrength= 0.0, 1.0, 2.0     - Change damage from enemies in indicated 
                                          difficulty level (1.0 is default).    
gam_afAmmoQuantity= 0.0, 1.0, 2.0       - Change ammunition quantity in indicated 
                                          difficulty level (1.0 is default).    
gam_afEnemyMovementSpeed= 0.0, 1.0, 2.0 - Change enemy movement speed (1.0 is default)    
gam_afEnemyAttackSpeed= 0.0, 1.0, 2.0   - Change enemy attack speed (1.0 is default)

Difficult levels:
Enter one of the below numbers to set the difficulty level.
0: Easy
1: Normal
2: Hard
3: Serious

Master Strategies:
When surrounded by thousands of enemies strafe around them to get them all in
one lump. then blast the lump. When facing a bull or Krell skeleton use the double
barrel shotgun and shoot them just after you've sidestepped.

Defeating the final Boss:
After going into the great pyramid, find the obelisk room. It will then rise. Keep 
walking around until you see an FMV sequence. You will then go to the place where 
the Boss climbs up the wall. Beware -- this Boss has the most powerful spells and 
weapons. After he/it shoots, run to the jump ramps. Jump/boost through the power 
rings clockwise, and when you are next to the jump ramps, preferably by the backpacks, 
start unloading with the Lasergun. That weapon will drop him down to a quarter of his 
health, but only after 800-1200 pulses. Note: He can regenerate health.

View programmers:
In the first level, turn around and head down the ramp. Then, go right and turn towards 
the direction you are supposed to go. You should see a door. When you enter, you will 
encounter many big headed people that represent the game's developers. Also, if you go 
down the path that leads to the desert, many big red Biomechs will appear.

Binary counter:
In the Great Pyramid stage, just before you enter the pyramid, you may have noticed a 
panel above the entry with alternating I's and O's. This is a timer counting down in 
binary. The timer starts at 1,023 and goes down from there.

Mental mode:
Successfully complete the game in Serious mode, then start a new game. Mental will be 
fading in and out under Serious. In Mental mode, all the enemies will appear and disappear.

Werebulls in Pre-Great Pyramid:
I don't know about you guys, but I found Werebulls or whatever they're called to be 
extremely difficult in groups. So here's the strategy in the Pre-Great Pyramid Area. 
First, load up on health and ammo (after the Kleers attack). Then, run towards one of 
the shorter walls and rocket-jump. With any luck, you'll be on the wall. Then, wait 
for the bulls to pile up near the wall and then blast them with the cannon. Be aware,
though, that if the stack of bulls gets too high, one may get up on the wall!

Secret in Sacred yards:
Submitted by: Nikola

1. Secret Health: As soon as you start the level, look to your right and head for the pill 
in the corner. A message will appear, telling you "Silent walk pill has been activated and 
all enemies deactivated!" No enemies will attack you in this area now. Enter the door near 
the statue, but don't take any of the pills ahead. In the next area, shoot the spike in the 
center of the pool (without taking any pills). Congrats, you've found some health. Uh oh..it's 
guarded by two Reptiloids. Good luck!

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