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Star Wars - Republic Commando

Star Wars - Republic Commando


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Star Wars - Republic Commando

Submitted by: conner54

Press ^ while playing the game. Then, enter one of the following codes:
Code Result
Ghost - Fly and walk through everything
Fly - Ability to fly
Loaded - All explosives, full ammo, etc.
Darman - Skip to next level
Playersonly - Disable CPU AI
999 ammo - allammo
Set game speed - slomo <number>
Walk - Switch off Fly/Ghost mode
Fierfek - Get full ammo
AllWeapons - Get all weapons
TheMatulaakLives - Toggle God mode on/off
Lamasu - Unlock all levels
SmiteEvil - Kill every enemy on sight
KillPawns - Kill every entity on sight (including squad bots)
KillAll [class] - Kill every unit of a specified class
HOG - 1000000 Damage points inflicted on the targeted object
SloMo # - Set timescale to # (for SlowMotion use numbers < 1)
SetJumpZ # - Set jump height to #
SetGravity # - Set gravity to #
SetSpeed # - Set motion speed to #
FreezeFrame # - Freeze the game after # seconds delay
ChangeSize # - Change the player's size
BlindAI [1/0] - Toggle AI blindness
DeafAI [1/0] - Toggle AI deafness
BlindEnemies [1/0] - Toggle enemies blindness
DeafEnemies [1/0] - Toggle enemies deafness
Invisible [1/0] - Toggle Invisible mode
BehindView [1/0] - Toggle 3rd person view
FreeCamera [1/0] - Toggle 3rd person view
LockCamera - Lock camera to the current location
ViewSelf - Reset camera view to the player
ViewPlayer (Name) - Change the camera view to indicated player
ViewBot - Cycle camera view through the bots
Teleport - Teleport to crosshair location
Stat FPS - Toggle frame rate display
Stat Net - Toggle network display (for MP game)
Stat Mem - Toggle memory display
Stat Game - Toggle game statistics display
ToggleFullScreen - Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
Suicide - Commit suicide
Exit or Quit - Exit the game

Defeating Droidekas:
To kill a Droideka easily, stand as close as you can to it, and directly in
front of it (between its gun arms).
It cannot shoot you. Kill it with melee attacks to save ammunition. Note: If
there is more than one Droideka,
stand so that you are in line with as many of them as possible so that the
others cannot see you.

Defeating Greivous' Guard:
Use your EMP grenades and concentrate your men's fire on them. Once they are
being shocked by the
EMP, throw Thermal Detonators to deal extra damage. You should also use your
DC-17's anti-armor

Defeating SBDs:
Throw two electric grenades and fire a quick bust from the DC-17. This
should shut them down or put them
on the ground.

To defeat a Super Battle Droid, run up to him while he is shooting at you.
Then melee him and back up before
he can hit you. While he is swinging his arm, fire at him with your blaster.
After he melees, he will resume shooting
at you. Repeat the process until he is destroyed. If there are two SBDs,
concentrate your team's fire on him.

Level 1: Staying alive while finding hatch:
Enable the thematulaaklives code, then aim the icon where the hatch is and
order your squad to fix it. Keep the
lizards busy. When your squad is done with the hatch aim the icon again and
press F. When you are done,
quickly get into the hatch. 

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