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Blacklight Tango Down

Blacklight Tango Down




Blacklight - Tango Down

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Choose "Help + Options" in the Main Menu and then choose "Unlock Code."
Enter the following codes for the desired tag. You can add tags in weapon
customization menus. A bell and scream will sound when you enter each code.

Code               Effect
Alienwarec8pestU - Alienware Black Dog tags
Al13nwa4re5acasE - Alienware Symbol
4MDB4quprex      - AMD VISION (blue) 
AMD3afrUnap      - AMD VISION (red) 
AT1hAqup7Su      - ATi 
AUS9eT5edru      - Australian Flag 
AUTF6crAS5u      - Austria Flag 
BELS7utHAsP      - Belgium Flag 
R41nB0wu7p3      - Blacklight and crossed swords
Ch1pBLuS9PR      - Blacklight logo chip 
CANfeprUtr5      - Canada Flag 
DENdathe8HU      - Denmark Flag 
E3F6crAS5u       - E3 Dog Tags 
Fam1tsuprusWe2e  - Famitsu dog tag 
FINw3uthEfe      - Finland Flag 
FRApRUyUT4a      - France Flag 
GERtRE4a4eS      - Germany Flag 
HOKYeQuKuw3      - Hong Kong Flag 
INDs4u8RApr      - India Flag 
IRE8ruGejec      - Ireland Flag 
ITAQ7Swu9re      - Italian Flag 
J4ceH4llstuFaCh4 - Jace Hall Show Logo 
JPNj7fazebR      - Japanese Flag 
KORpaphA9uK      - Korean Flag 
MEX5Usw2YAd      - Mexico Flag 
NZLxut32eSA      - New Zealand Flag 
NOR3Waga8wa      - Norweigien Flag 
Ch1pMMRSc0rp     - Orange Scorpion logo chip 
Ch1p0RD3Ru02     - Order logo chip 
H4rtBr34kerio4u  - Pink Brass Knuckles 
PORQ54aFrEY      - Portugal Flag 
R4z3erzu8habuC   - Razer Logo 
RUS7rusteXe      - Russia Flag 
SINvuS8E2aC      - Singapore Flag 
StormLion9rAVaZ2 - Storm Lion Comics Logo - shaped 
St0rmLi0nB4qupre - Strom Lion Comics Logo - rectangle 
SWEt2aPHutr      - Sweden Flag 
SWIsTE8tafU      - Switzerland Flag 
TAW8udukUP2      - Taiwan Flag 
UKv4D3phed       - United Kingdom Flag 
USAM3spudre      - United States Flag 
SKULLCLUB9rAVaZ2 - Unkown Effect 
Bl4ckl1ght2Ru7uS - Unkown Effect
HOLb8e6UWuh      - Unlock Holland Flag; Tag #132. 
                   (Gives a health recharge rate boost!)
ESPChE4At5p      - Unlock Spain Flag; Tag # 139. 
                   (Improves the recharge on your HRV slightly!)
UPGr0undv2FUDame - Upper Playground Logo.
UPGr0undWupraf4u - Upper Playground Logo.
Ch1p1GN1u0S      - UTV Lightning Logo chip.
Denek1Ju3aceH7   - Yellow Teddy Bear.
Ch1pZ0MB1Et7     - Zombie Studios logo chip.

Games for Windows Live Achievements.

Achievement             Description
Command Officer       - Reach the rank of Major.
Commissioned Officer  - Reach the rank of Second Lieutenant.
Dodge This            - Headshot 25 opponents while they are using HRV in quick match
Field Officer         - Reach the rank of Sergeant.
Flatten and Reinstall - Kill 25 opponents in quick match games while they are EMPed!
Gearhead              - Unlock all gear and weapons!
General               - Achieve the rank of Brigadier General. Hats off to you!
Hack the Gibson       - Hack every control point on every multiplayer map in quick match
n00b                  - Win 1 quick match! Welcome to the winning team!
Opportunist           - Kill 10 opponents in a quick match while they are affected by a
                        Digi Grenade.
Tour of the City      - Achieve a win in any game mode on every map in quick match games!
Way of the Gun        - Kill an opponent with their own weapon in a quick match.

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