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Cheat Codes:
Use a hex editor to edit the "persist.dat" file in the game folder.
Go to hexadecimal offset $44. Change the $02 or $06 value at that
location to $07. Save the file and start the game. Press [F1] to 
display the diary screen, then enter one of the following codes.
Repeat code entry to disable the code.

Result                                      Code 
Press [F8] to change characters           - shapeshifter 
Invincibility                             - liveforever  
One hit kills                             - touchofdeath  
Cannot be knocked down                    - canttouchthis  
Ammunition and health                     - fatloot  
Breakable objects                         - glassworld  
Win level                                 - winlevel  
Lose level                                - loselevel  
Super ammunition                          - superammo  
AI controlled characters fight each other - reservoirdogs 
Gatling guns mode                         - roughjustice  
Daodan power mode, more damage            - chenille  
Godzilla mode, become giant               - behemoth  
Fists Of Legend mode                      - fistsoflegend  
Ultra mode, tougher enemies               - killmequick  
Slow motion mode                          - carousel  
Big head mode                             - bighead  
Mini mode                                 - minime 
Regenerate health                         - elderrune  
Phase cloak                               - moonshadow  
Weapons locker                            - munitionfrenzy  
Enable developer mode                     - thedayismine  

Developer mode:
Use the thedayismine code, then press ~ to display the console
window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the command.

Effect                               Code 
Cycle through all possible weapons - [F7]  
Change character                   - [F8]  
Start recording                    - [F9]  
Stop recording                     - [F10]  
Playback recording                 - [F11]  
Toggle slow motion                 - [Ctrl] + [Shift] + G  
Toggles textures                   - [Ctrl] + [Shift] + S  
Display opponent logic             - [Ctrl] + [Shift] + B  
Display frame rate                 - [Crtl] + [Shift] + [Y]  
All doors unlocked                 - door_ignore_locks = 1  
Kill all nearby AI                 - ai2_kill  
No clipping mode                   - chr_nocollision 1  
No clipping mode                   - disabled chr_nocollision 0 

Defeating the computer:
It is easier to defeat the computer if you run counter-clockwise 
around the room. Just run in a circle since Konoko can move faster
than the laser beams. 

Defeating the Boss after the brain computer:
The Boss after the brain computer has the Wave Motion Cannon. When
you start, run at him at an angle and jump kick the gun out of his
hands -- he will fall down. Once he is on the ground, run over to 
the gate with the two fallen guards on each side. Go to the right 
and pick up the Hypo. Use it, and when you are super charged go 
after the Boss. This should make quick work of his health. If he
has any health remaining, just use combos on him. 
Note: Do not let him get the gun. 

Submitted by: rickHH

Ammo is always in short supply, so conserve it by going hand-to-hand
whenever possible. 

When an enemy is down but not out, step back. Standing right at his
feet gives him an opportunity to jump up and surprise you with a 
kick or punch.

It's not too tough to disarm most bad guys, but try to stay between
them and their fallen weapons, lest they pick them up and smite thee.

E-mail: codylucas@hotmail.com
Submitted by: cody*lucas

After what has seemed to be an eternity in development, Bungie's 
anime-inspired fighting game, Oni is finally here. This title was
starting to achieve the all too common, "Where's is it?" syndrome.
Luckily, it wasn't quite as bad as Daikatana (in more ways than one
- it doesn't completely blow!) and didn't set any type of record 
delay (Duke Nukem Whenever). But as always, gamers usually have 
high expectations for games with long development cycles.

Was it worth the wait? This is not an easy question to answer. Why?
Because there are some great things going on here along with a few 
negative and somewhat crushing blows.

You play in third-person perspective as cyber-girl, Konoko. She is
an agent for the Tech Crimes Task Force and it's her duty is take 
out anyone who gets in her way as she tries to bring down the 
Syndicate. The storyline is your typical action fare but it provides
a good excuse to bash some heads in this anime fighter. 

The anime theme fits in nicely with the fighting action but don't
expect the best in graphics. The character designs work since they
play into the simplicity of anime but the same can't be said about
the environments. They are just flat-out boring. Most of the levels
look like empty warehouses with a few boxes or dividers thrown in to
break things up. Not good, especially when everything is presented 
in a battleship-gray color scheme. This is a tough one to judge 
since the level designers were definitely going for the vast and
large-scale look, similar to what you'd see in a James Bond movie
but the end result are boring levels to move around in. More 
interactivity with objects could have helped to mitigate this but
unfortunately, alterable items such as breakable windows are few 
and far between. Another hit to the graphics, are the clipping 
problems that are prevalent throughout the entire game. 

While I'm talking about the downside, the lack of a user-control 
save feature is just plain frustrating. The automatic save points
keep things somewhat bearable but there are some large gaps between
save points and not being able to save whenever you want to just 
plain sucks. Now, don't get me going on this subject. I've heard 
all of the arguments before - more challenging, increased tension,
realistic, blah, blah, blah. I don't care! I just want to save the
game whenever I want to. If I wanted to replay parts of the game, 
I'd just start it over. Saves should be determined by the gamer. 
End of debate! 

Other control irritations - no keyboard configuration window. You
have to go into the key_config.txt file to make keyboard and mouse
control changes. I can just hear the marketing guy screaming, 
"Ship It!". The other missing item is gamepad support. Strange for
a game which was also designed for consoles. No big worries on this
one though - the keyboard and mouse controls are exceptional, 
especially after you customize them to your liking. The run 
feature takes a little time to get used to (double key tap) but
otherwise than that, the controls are a breeze.

This brings me to the gameplay where hand-to-hand combat is king. 
Konoko has a multitude of different moves when it comes to punching
out her enemies. She can punch, kick, throw, and disarm her enemies.
Master the combination moves and the end result is a one woman 
wrecking crew. This is without a doubt the best control moves of
any third-person character that I've seen in a PC game. I never 
really got tired of going hand-to-hand with any of the enemies and
used my weapon on an as-needed basis only. The game almost discourages
the use of weapons by slowing the player down when your weapon is 
drawn (speed hit is based on the size of the weapon). In addition,
Konoko can only carry one weapon at a time. Time to perfect that 
sucker punch! Speaking of punches, the varying color effects of 
the blows you inflict upon your enemies represent their health. 
This smart effect also adds nicely to the anime look of the game. 

The enemy A.I. is another bright spot to Oni. If an enemy spots you,
get ready since he's coming after you and will most likely be bringing
his buddy along with him. Stealth is an important ingredient to success
in Oni. This fact definitely adds to the tension factor as I found 
myself always peeking around corners and just plain staying out of
sight. The quality of the enemy A.I. is another reason for having 
user-enabled saves. Uh oh, I'm re-starting again (pun intended). 

Competing against other people is the major appeal to any successful
fighting game, so not having this opportunity with the PC version is
a major disappointment. The fighting moves are too well designed to 
be missing this gameplay component. It reminds me of the feeling you
get when you watch a great movie that has bad ending. Damn!

I hate putting this game down since the combat is so much fun but you
have to judge it based on the entire package and this is where Oni 
stumbles. It could have been a contender but unfortunately, the lack
of user-control saves and a multiplayer feature keep this fighter 
out of the championship ring.

Submitted by: nightcrawler

I personally finished this game without cheats so her are some useful tips.
While U R against a laser look out for it's pattern and try to break it.
for example in the science prision level (level 12) try to crawl under the 
first and the third laser and jump over the middle one.In the last level 
after you enter the guard will try to shoot you with one of the deadliest 
rifels so use phase clock available near your legs and crouch when necessary 
otherwise you R a gonner

Submitted by: punit

While facing muro in last round if you want to be protected from his lasers 
so hide behind the round like object when he releases laser of pink colour.

Regional State Building: Mercury Crossbow:
In the Regional State Building level, shoot out the glass in the starting area
and slide through the hole. When you get out, a person with a Mercury Crossbow
and plasma rifle should come out from behind the TCTF car. Note: there is 
another enemy with a Mercury Crossbow on the other side of the building who 
might start shooting you.

Multiple endings:
After defeating the computer (Shinatama), you are faced with a choice -- kill 
Commander Griffin or not. Your choice will drastically effect the ending Boss 
fight. Should you decide to shoot him, you just made things harder on your self. 
At the final battle you will face your brother after he transforms into a monster.
If you do not kill him, the final battle will be slightly easier This time, your 
brother will approach you with two of his troops and will not transform. Do not 
worry about the troops, your old "friends" from the TCTF will help you, as well 
as Commander Griffin, leaving you to face your brother. With either choice, the 
ending sequence remains the same.

An Innocent Life: Easy robot target: 
On level 8, "An Innocent Life", one save point is within a room with three or 
four robots, deadly green ooze below, and large sparking arcs of electricity 
that you must avoid to get to the other side. From the save point, run up the 
stairs and take care of the robot up there. Then, hop down at the outcropping 
to the Terminal below. You should have just avoided the first half of the first
arc of electricity. After you drop down, the robot guarding the terminal to 
temporarily shut down the arcs of electricity will not usually "see" you, 
since you arrived the wrong way. He now should be an easy kill. 

Bio Lab: Force Shield:
On the Bio Lab level, immediately after you defeat the Boss, go to the door to 
the second save point. After saving the game and you have made it up to the 
second floor, save the scientist in the back of the left-side room. After doing 
so, he will give you a Force Shield which will stop all bullets that are shot 
at you. Note: Even with the shield active, hand to hand combat still can hurt 

When facing a tough enemy in the later levels, aim fairly high up with a weapon 
in hand dash to an opponent, slide (begin dashing then press [Shift]), but do 
not knock the opponent down. While you are sliding, start shooting. This is an 
easy way to win because it is difficult for the enemy to aim at you.

Gun special attack:
Equip yourself with a two-handed gun such as the Plasma Rifle and keep it out.
While rising from a crouch (press [Shift], then release) press [Kick] and Konoko
will do a Jump 360 attack. Note: You can fire while doing this, but aim carefully.
Also, this will not work with the Wave Motion Cannon because pressing [Kick] 
with this gun will launch grenades.

Defeating the computer:
It is easier to defeat the computer if you run counter-clockwise around the 
room. Just run in a circle since Konoko can move faster than the laser beams.

Activate big head mode in level 12:
In Level 12 "Dr Hasagawa's Lab", there's a part early on where four tiny strikers
rush at you. If you manage to kill them all before one of them runs back into the
wall (good luck!), the ''Big Head'' cheat will automatically turn on, giving you 
and enemies in the level big noggins.

Tow guns glitch:
1.Open the game and activate developer mode (thedayismine).
2.Pick up the 1 weapon and store them.
3.Press [F7] key.
4.Press Q key to get first gun.
5.Press Q key to get second gun.

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