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Titan Quest

Titan Quest



Titan Quest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: RM

Easy experience:
At the start of the game, in the first village you are asked to kill a
level 4 Satyr shaman. Complete this quest. Instead of moving out of the
village, just log out. Once you log back in, all the monsters and chests
in the area will have respawned. Clearing the starting village several 
times will allow you to go from level 1 to 4 with relative ease. 
If desired, you can use this method to get to level 5, but it is highly
ineffective. You can also use this power leveling trick while in any 
area with monsters around your level. In addition, using this trick 
significantly increases your chance of fighting rare monsters and 
getting better items. 

Expert mode:
After completing the game, it can be played again with the same 
monsters but 30 levels higher.

Yeti boss:
Have good armor, tons of potions and a good weapon and stand right 
in front of him. when u r getting weak use potions to heal urself. 
I also recommend using a power i used the lightning attack.

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