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by Blackclaw :

Register your name as "TooManySecrets" than enter the
game after logging press "F1" and bring cheat menu.
Good bye Pals.

Cheats supplied by Rushyo (on the Uplink forum):

--- Big Wallet ---
Type 'toomanysecrets' as your name and password when signing up
as a new user.

--- Password for gamebible on the CD ---
I'll leave you with a riddle:
Look on the back of the box and convert the strange line into
the first 3 letters of a 5-sided shape.

--- Huge Score ---
NOTE: Unless your an expert you will be caught doing this.
However you still keep the score gained from it.

Whilst attempting the bank hacking missions you may notice either:
a) An account with over a million credits
b) A statement with over a million credits

Either way, note down the account with the money and the bank.
Go back and transfer the money to your account.
If you clean up logs on both ends and the logs for your connection,
you will gain that money.
If you don't then the game will end with a huge score (your normal
score + the amount you stole).

Cheat Code:
Submitted by: J.M.T.H

Make a new game. When it says enter name, put
TooManySecrets and enter any password that you want.
Start the game

Code Result
Press F1 to open cheat menu.

Submitted by: Norman Pillow
E-mail: normanp@worldonline.co.uk

There are two ways to access the cheat menu.
The slow one, and the fast one

Here is the fast way:

Step 1
Start a new gamefile with the username "TooManySecrets"

Step 2
Create a password for this username, such as "TooManySecrets"

Step 3
Enter the game, and press "F1" at any screen. A cheat menu
will appear, giving you a list of cheats

And here is the slow way:
Step 1
Open up all the servers in the game.(on your world map, and
your server list, making them visible).

Step 2
Get access to all the government servers (Stock Market, GCD,
Academic, Social Security, Criminal Database) and get admin
access. Then get admin access on the Protovision game server.
Now connect to the credits machine, and back to the Uplink
Internal Services. There should be a new item called

"Cheats", in the "Software" upgrades menu.
Step 3
and last but not least, you buy it as if it were a normal piece of
(software). It costs 0g, and goes in your program list under other.

Well this is the 1st way I got the cheats with.
Of course you "COULD" use the fast "TooManySecrets" way,
but what is the fun in that. This method takes about 30 - 60
min, if your fast, and it involves alotta fast thinkin, weather
or not to delete the logs, or just logout and hope not to get caught.

Uplink cheats & hints:
Submitted by: xiang-deng

Use 'TooManySecrets' (case sensitive) as your agent name
with any password, press [F1] anytime during the game to
bring up the cheat menu.

Introversion IP -
Uplink test machine password - rosebud
Protivision Game Server password - joshua
Uplink Game Bible password - too many secrets?

Introversion Uplink:
Submitted by:Matt Borja
The Article Project - Free Articles and Submission

The latest patch for the Uplink game has a lot of nice new features in it.
However, at the same time, it disables many of the common cheats out there.
Here's a way to take advantage of both worlds!

Install Uplink from the CD, and download the patch from the Introversion site,
but DO NOT install it yet. Create a user named TooManySecrets and hit F1 in the
game to bring up the cheats menu. Click on Max Rating (but DO NOT click on Next
Rating after this otherwise you'll crash it), then click on the extra money option
until you have over 1,000,000 credits. Don't forget to click All Software and
Hardware as well.

Once you are done, exit the game and go into C:\Program Files\Uplink\users
(or wherever you installed Uplink to). Make a copy of TooManySecrets.usr,
rename it as New User.usr and set the attributes to Read Only. Make another
copy and rename it to the username you would like to use in the game, making
sure you append .usr at the end of the filename. Now install the latest patch
and you will find that it has backwards compatibility with your user accounts.

Do this, and you will have all hardware, all software, outrageous sum of money,
and most of the new features of the latest patch. Pretty cool huh!

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