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Urban Chaos

Urban Chaos


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Urban Chaos

Submitted by: raj

press F9 and type "bangunsnotgames"
and then press F12 to get the games wepons and full life

Submitted by: Chris Cross

During gameplay, press F9 and type BANGUNSNOTGAMES to
enter Debug Mode. You will also be Invulnerable.
Now press F9 again and enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Result
BOO - Cluster of explosions
CRINKLES - Turn Crinkles on/off
DARCI - Control Officer D'arci
ROPER - Control Roper
FADE # - Sets fog fade level where # is any number
WORLD - Select music
AMBIENT # # # - Set ambient light (R,G,B)
WIN - Win the level
LOSE - Lose the level
CCTV - Everything turns fluorescent green
TELW # - Go to important game point #
TELS - Save a waypont on map
TELR - Return to saved waypoint 

The rest are simple key presses.
Just press the corresponding keys to make these happen:

Key Result
Q - Show car paths
W - Make rain ripples
E - Make random vehicle
R - Make explosive barrell
I - Show pedestrian walking areas
[ - Toggle enemy view
] - Toggle enemy view
P - Enemy view on/off
; - Slow motion
' - Pause action
> - Fart smoke
/ - Stealth Debug
CTRL - Show statistics
G - Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge
J - Coordinates grib show
L - Create light
F11 - Clouds on/off
F12 - Creates game weapons
F3 - Exits game
Keypad 7 - Select game effect
Keypad 5 - Execute game effect
Keypad 3 - Weird orange fog

Fire Elemental:
First,start a game.Then press F9 and enter BANGUNSNOTGAMES in
the console.This will make u invulnerable.Then press 7 until u
see a fire effect,as "firewall".Then walk into the fire,and you
will be a fire elemental!
And u won`t die! At least not for a while.
Level skip:
Start a level, press [Esc] and press [Enter] + [Up].
The save screen will appear. Save the game, and it a
map screen showing you that you have already completed
the level will appear. Repeat this in every level to
easily complete the game.

Submitted by: charu singh
E-mail: charu_mailme@yahoo.co.in

talk to policemen,people who are standing still.they
might give you information,weapons etc.

To get around the city faster, hijack a vehicle. Simply
step in front of it, pull out your weapon, and fire a
couple rounds at the car. After the driver flees, hop
in and take your new wheels for a spin.

If you can't access an area that's isolated by a fence,
simply hijack a van and pull the van next to the fence.
Then climb on top of the van and jump over the fence.

To access heavily guarded areas, look for a back route,
or sneak up and surprise the baddies.

Submitted by: MAR

If you want to climb a building without using a ladder or anything,
just stand by side of the building then hold these keys in the right
order (LShift,Up,Right or left depending on the side of the building)

Submitted by: saudav22

after applying the cheat "bangunsnotgames", press
"shift + left arrow key + up arrow key + a" this will create a mugger.
the only problem is this if you will create a lot of mugger the game
will close.and at last i want to tell you that i will send you new cheat
promise bye

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