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Close Combat First To Fight

Close Combat First To Fight




Close Combat - First To Fight

Submitted by: RM

Kill the lights:
After you venture down the hole in the building, you should get to 
an old subway after you explore the sewers. Once you kill all of the
men down there, do not go through the door. Keep going strait through
and up a catwalk. Before people in the subway notice you there, tell 
your men to hold their fire. At the bottom of the catwalk on the other
side, you will see a yellow generator. Shoot it, and it should kill 
the lights. Put on your night vision goggles but be careful; they will
still shoot at you but will usually miss. Tell your men to open fire 
and move through the subway to your next checkpoint.

Tank in courtyard:
Later in the game you will encounter a courtyard. Take out all the
snipers and kill the remaining enemies. After you kill all of them,
a red truck with a 50 cal on it will approach from the road ahead. 
After taking out the .50 cal, go across the street to the library 
and into the computer store. Looking through the window, throw a 
smoke grenade at the tank. The tank now cannot see you. Get in 
position and take out your M203 or grenades and start firing. It 
takes about four grenades -- do not wait too long or the smoke will
wear off, and the enemy will open fire. 

Finding enemies:
In daylight you can use your night vision goggles to spot enemies 
behind cover for a better shot.

The key to this game is aggression and your brain. If you are aggressive
and poke your head out and see an OPFOR, stay there and shoot unless 
there are more than three OPFORs. If you look and pull back, they know 
you are there and have time to scatter and move to positions. Do not let
this happen. If you poke your head through and find people, stay there 
and fight or they will move to positions that will make it difficult for
 you and your team to flush them out. Also, suppressive fire can be very
useful. Have a Devildog lay some fire down while you and your team get 
in position. Listen to what your teammates say. Slow is smooth, smooth 
is fast. Before you enter a room, take the time to check and see if you
need to reload, if your teammates need health, or if they are reloading.
Nothing is worse than entering a room unprepared. Keep in mind that there
is opposition behind every door, down every street, and on every rooftop
and balcony, no matter where you are. It does not hurt to throw a grenade
in a room that you do not think has anybody in side. Finally, it is not a
race to see who can finish the fastest.

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