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Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour

Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour




Command & Conquer - Generals - Zero Hour

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Danny Adrian

This Cheats like a previous game (C&C Generals).but there is a different one. check this out:

Change Cost of weapons & Build all units on 1 second : 
Backup the file before editing! It is possible to edit the "INIZH.big" file in your
game directory.

"C:\EA games\Command&Conquer Generals:Zero-Hour\Data\INI"

But you have to use a Hex-Editor. Do not change the lenght of the file or the game 
will not boot again.. Just Overwrite the Text you need.

1.Search for "BuildCost" and overwrite it like
  "BuildCost = 2000" Orig.
  "BuildCost = 0000" Faked.

2.Search for "BuildTime" and overwrite it like
  "BuildTime = 30.0" Orig.
  "BuildTime = 00.0" Faked.

Do not DELETE anything.

Get those USA slow units to the battle faster:
Submitted by: conner54

Most battles need support eventually and if you need a slow but powerful unit to get
from your base to the battle on the other side of the map, use your Chinooks. A single
Chinook can carry up to 2 vehicles like the tomahawk missile, though some for some 
units you can only fit one in a Chinook. But its a quick way to keep the fight going 
and get that one unit were it needs to be to win. 

US defense strategy:
Build four patriot missiles and two firebases (Artillery center) inside each of the 
firebases put a sniper tw rockets and a machine gunner This will tear your enemies 
assault vehicles and infantry to pieces very quickly.

Submitted by: Darren

Your best chance of winning eny online game is to have a quick look around the map 
and search for eny oil dereks or resorces once found build a baracks near them reasearch
building capture then take the building always have a large defence around them though.

Submitted by: toma

In C&C Generals Zero Hour when ur a "china infantry general"in games 2vs2 or 3vs3 in 
the bigining bild lots and lots of helixes full them all with 7 "tank hurters"and 1 
"miniguner" they will defend all ur allies and theyr base can grow as bigger as u can
think and in the end of the game u will rest in ya base and watch the FLAMES.
ur base is gona be safe as u can think.

Submitted by: manny 

How to swear without it being censored 

You may get annoyed when the online version of the game censors out words. Words like
"saddam", "hitler" or even "poo". But know i will tell you the secret that will let 
you say these words in full. 

1. Type in your word like "poo" (without the speechmarks) 
2. Exactly after the word "poo", meaning no spaces, hold alt, and punch in 2,5,5 
3. Then write anything else 
4. Easy as that 

I use left alt and my numpad (works with me if num lock is on or off). Alt 2,5,5 gives
the 255th character which is just an invisble character, tricking the computer to think
your just writing one long word, while tricking people it's just a regular space. 

Note: You must have a word or charater after the invisble charater, otherwise it will
not work. So you can't just put in "poo(alt 2,5,5)". 
It must be "poo(alt 2,5,5)!", or like "poo(alt 2,5,5)lol". 

Submitted by: monish sharma

How would it be if u can make the game dance on your finger tips well here is how 
just open the INIZH in your zero hour directory open it with a hex editor only and
make a copy or you will blame me for your mistakes ok now when u have opened the 
file INIZH in a hex editor just type "object:xxx" in the search window where xxx 
represents the character in the game u want to change like hacker or blacklotus 
or colonel burton, mig, overlord tank etc. lets take the hacker as it includes all
illustrations so type object:hacker at the find window when the search is complete
the object:hacker is highlighted on the editing screen now if u scroll down a bit 
you will find its build cost, its experience required to gain experience points, 
the damage it takes, how much cash it steals or even the rate of cash stealing and
u can change them all for any unit or structures to your desire for example you can
change the buildcost to 0000 or the max damage taken to 9999 to make invincible 
units but dont add new spaces or text that is dont increase the lenght of the file
just overwrite the previous or the game wont load so try it out and bless me as 
your smile would be my pleasure.

Submitted by: curtis

You can defeat an easy computer opponent easy if u set up a good defence system 
and wait until u get like 20000$ and then train a lot of units (i aways use inferno
tanks if ur china and it may take a long time to do).

Submitted by: Adam

Become a USA air force general, build atlest 3 attack chonocks, inside 1 of them 
place a cr burton 6 rocket men and one sniper, in the remainding ones have 6 rocket
men and 2 snipers. Because you are the air force general, you air units have 
protective lazers making them highly immune from a rocket attack, also the speed
of the will help during an attack of a base, all other air units. Simly fly over
a base, destroy as many power plants as you can to reduce the power, then destroy
any pulse tanks (the ones with 2red beams and 1 blue, these can pose a great threat),
from there it is easy to gather untit upgrades for the untis inside. Its the same 
tactic i use loads and i won aroung 6000games since using it!

Unlimited Money Cheat:
Submitted by: Milos_Petrovic

Go to the My Document then in save game directoryum end Skrimish file open with 
note pad. Find a start money and change to 999999. Now start game and don't change
the start money, and you are haveing a 999999 cash.

Unlimited money:
Use a text editor to edit the "skirmish" file in the "..zero-hour\data" folder. 
Look for the section labeled "starting cash". Under it, you can enter as much 
money as desired. When you start the game, and go to the skirmish set up screen.
The starting money will not reflect what you entered, but once you start the game,
the money should be there. Note: This trick only works for skirmishes, and not in 
campaigns or multi-player.
Note: For unlimited money, edit the "starting cash" line to "-1".

Easy skirmish mode wins:
Play as the U.S. laser general against the Chinese infantry general. This also 
works well on the eight-player maps. Sit up so that every man is for himself. 
On the hard level, the infantry general sends waves of soldiers who are easily 
mowed down by the laser turrets. Be quick to obtain the particle cannon so that
you can knock out the nuclear missiles.

Easy multi-player mode wins:
When you are against the GLA, you can destroy the cars so that the other player 
cannot use them as car bombs. The trick is to crush the cars by passing over them.
Have one of your tanks or bulldozers go next to the car. They will not go around 
it, but will instead go over it.

Yuri's symbol:
Go to Skirmish mode and select the Tournament Urban map. Then, go into the main city 
where the tank drop is located. In the top left of the screen is a building that has 
a symbol that is identical to Yuri's symbol, but is missing one line.

Dr. Thrax: Perfect attack force: 
As GLA Dr. Thrax, upgrade to Anthrax Gamma. After that, you will need four Battle 
Buses. Fill two of them with Toxin Rebels and the other two with RPG Troopers. This
force will be very difficult to defeat because the Toxin Rebel buses will destroy 
all infantry in range, while the RPG troopers will destroy every tank, aircraft, 
and even most buildings very easily. Also, they can attack from behind and in front 
at the same time.

Submitted by: marcel_ma_xue

I got this text from the Englishzh.big file using a hex editor. 
I've not edited it to be easier to read. It lists many cheats 
useable in the game but I don't know how to get them to work. 
Any ideas?

CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT1.. Key = KEY_F1.. 
Transition = DOWN.. 
Modifiers = SHIFT_CTRL.. 
UseableIn = GAME..End....
CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT2.. Key = KEY_F2.. 
Transition= DOWN.. Modifiers = SHIFT_CTRL.. 
UseableIn =GAME..End....
CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT3.. Key= KEY_F3.. 
Transition = DOWN..
Modifiers = SHIFT_CTRL.. 
UseableIn = GAME..End....
CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT4.. Key = KEY_F4.. 
Transition =DOWN.. Modifiers = SHIFT_CTRL.. 
UseableIn = GAME..End....
CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT5.. Key =KEY_F5.. 
Transition = DOWN.. 
Modifiers = SHIFT_CTRL.. 
UseableIn = GAME..End....
CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT6..Key = KEY_F6..
Transition = DOWN.. 
Modifiers= SHIFT_CTRL.. 
UseableIn = GAME..End....
CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT7.. Key = KEY_F7.. 
Transition = DOWN.. 
Modifiers = SHIFT_CTRL.. UseableIn = GAME..
End....CommandMap CHEAT_RUNSCRIPT8..Key = KEY_F8.. 
Transition = DOWN.. Modifiers =
SHIFT_CTRL.. UseableIn = GAME..End....

All medals:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "skirmishstat.ini" file 
in the game folder. 

-=Replace the lines with the entries below to get all medals=-

BestWinStreak = 1000
ChallengeCampaign3_0 = 10
Honors = 178682
LastHouse = GLAToxinGeneral
Losses = 0
LoyalGames = 0
USACampaign_0 = 50
WinStreak = 1000
Wins = 1000
maps\alpine assault\alpine assault.map_4 = 1
maps\barrenbadlands\barrenbadlands.map_4 = 1
maps\bear town beatdown\bear town beatdown.map_4 = 3
maps\bitter winter\bitter winter.map_4 = 1
maps\bombardment beach\bombardment beach.map_4 = 1
maps\cairo commandos\cairo commandos.map_4 = 2
maps\dark mountain\dark mountain.map_4 = 3
maps\dark night\dark night.map_4 = 3
maps\desert fury\desert fury.map_4 = 1
maps\destruction station\destruction station.map_4 = 7
maps\dust devil\dust devil.map_4 = 1
maps\eastern everglades\eastern everglades.map_4 = 3
maps\el scorcho\el scorcho.map_4 = 3
maps\fallen empire\fallen empire.map_4 = 3
maps\final crusade\final crusade.map_4 = 1
maps\flash effect\flash effect.map_4 = 2
maps\flash fire\flash fire.map_4 = 1
maps\fortress avalanche\fortress avalanche.map_4 = 7
maps\free fire zone\free fire zone.map_4 = 5
maps\golden oasis\golden oasis.map_4 = 3
maps\green pastures\green pastures.map_4 = 5
maps\heartland shield\heartland shield.map_4 = 1
maps\homeland alliance\homeland alliance.map_4 = 3
maps\killing fields\killing fields.map_4 = 1
maps\leipzig lowlands\leipzig lowlands.map_4 = 1
maps\lights out\lights out.map_4 = 3
maps\lone eagle\lone eagle.map_4 = 3
maps\mountain guns\mountain guns.map_4 = 4
maps\overland\overland.map_4 = 3
maps\rocky rampage\rocky rampage.map_4 = 3
maps\rogue agent\rogue agent.map_4 = 3
maps\sand serpent\sand serpent.map_4 = 1
maps\silent river\silent river.map_4 = 1
maps\tournament city\tournament city.map_4 = 5
maps\tournament continent\tournament continent.map_4 = 3
maps\tournament desert\tournament desert.map_4 = 1
maps\tournament island\tournament island.map_4 = 3
maps\tournament lake\tournament lake.map_4 = 3
maps\tournament plains\tournament plains.map_4 = 1
maps\tournament tundra\tournament tundra.map_4 = 3
maps\tournament urban\tournament urban.map_4 = 3
maps\twilight flame\twilight flame.map_4 = 7
maps\victory valley\victory valley.map_4 = 3
maps\wasteland warlords\wasteland warlords.map_4 = 1
maps\whiteout\whiteout.map_4 = 7
maps\winding river\winding river.map_4 = 1
maps\winter wolf\winter wolf.map_4 = 1 

SCUD Storm:
This trick works only on the GLA. Build a SCUD Storm, then click on it 
(does not have to be fully constructed) and press Q. Then, hold [Ctrl] 
and click on the place where you want to launch your SCUD Storm. 

Falling motorcycle driver:
Take the motorcycle on the GLA and make him drive as fast as he can off a very 
steep cliff. He will go for a short distance, then fall straight down. It will 
hurt him while on the bike. However while in the air and still dropping perfectly
straight down, evacuate him. He will fall and get hurt, but his health will 
increase to the length of the bikes. 

Chinese: Base infiltration army: 
Note: This army requires skills in range and stealth (hiding). The units required 
are one to ten Battlemasters, one to ten Gattling Tanks, one to five Nuke Cannons, 
Black/Super Lotus. Tech Buildings needed are Tech Repair Bay and/or Tech 
Reinforcement Pad. Use the Nuke Cannons to destroy base defenses. 
If aircraft/infantry/tanks arrive to kill the Nuke Cannons, kill them with the 
Battlemasters and Gattling Tanks. Use Super/Black Lotus to get in the base and 
capture buildings. Super/Black Lotus is revealed when using abilities, so defend 
her with the tanks described above. When the building capture is complete, sell 
the building at once unless you are going to use it for something else. Quickly 
click on the Super/Black Lotus and let her run. Avoid Speaker Towers and other 
stealth-revealing tanks or buildings. This will reinforce her stealth ability. 
Destroy all buildings that cannot be captured with the Nuke Cannons and tanks. 
You will not have to completely destroy the Base Defenses, as they are not 
important in your victory. Note that Speaker Towers must be destroyed to win. 

Note: If your opponent is U.S.A. or China and has superweapons, capture the 
power plants first. 

Watch a shell map:
If you just want to watch a shell map, but not on the main menu, put the file into 
the maps folder. When you go to the Skirmish menu, go to "Unofficial Maps". The 
shell map should be in the area where missions are, with no player number next to 

Seaside Mutiny: Easy win:
When fighting a battle on the Seaside Mutiny map, at the front of your base where the 
artillery platforms are, build the following. For the Chinese, build two Gattlin Guns 
and a Bunker filled with Rocket Troopers. For U.S.A.. build two Patriots and a Fire 
Base with Rangers. For GLA, build two Stingers and a Tunnel Network. Capture the 
artillery platforms, then repeat the defense pattern on the sides as many times as 
possible. You can now build in the entire area without fear of enemy aircraft or 
land units.

U.S. Campaign level 4: Easy completion: 
When you get to the oil field level, build your base. Then put several missile launchers 
and Fire Storms at the north of your base, Build a very large force but do not destroy 
the radar station or the GLA will send a non-stop assault on your base. The suicide units 
do a lot of damage but are easier to kill. Then, use your A-10 assault, etc. to weaken 
their perimeter. Find the CIA agents and destroy their buildings, then take your assembled 
army to destroy their remaining forces.

Submitted by: james

if you are on multi player and your enemy is super weapon. choose GLA and build 20 
terrorist cycles. then hit the emp patriots.

Battle awards:
Complete one of the following tasks during a campaign or skirmish to unlock the 
corresponding award. 

Air Wing Honor: Build over 20 aircraft against the CPU. 
Apocalypse Honor: Build the Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, and Scud Storm. 
Battle Tank Honor: Build over 50 tanks against the CPU. 
Blitz Honor: Win a match in less than five or ten minutes. 
China Campaign Honor: Complete the China Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty.
Domination Honor: Win 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000 total matches 
Fair Play Honor: Do not disconnect more than 10% of your online matches. 
GLA Campaign Honor: Complete the GLA Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty. 
Global General Honor: Win at least one online match as each General. 
Streak Honor: Win 3, 10, 25, 100, 500, or 1,000 consecutive victories. 
USA Campaign Honor: Complete the USA Campaign. Bronze, Silver, or Gold depends on difficulty.

Chinese: Ultimate force:
Create six Emperors or Overlords, depending on the General you are playing as. If you are 
using Overlords, upgrade two with Bunkers and fill them with Tank Hunters, upgrade two with 
Propaganda Towers, and two with Gattling Cannons.

U.S.: Defenses:
Line an area with a sequence of Patriot, then Firestorm Base, Patriot, and keep going. 
Then fill the Firestorm Bases with four Pathfinders. This will help you take out infantry 
without trouble of Flashbangs or other hazards. Get a Combat Chinook and fill it with a mix 
of Pathfinders and Rocket Launcher troops. If you are facing a lot of tanks, go with more 
Rockets. If you are just cleaning up infantry, get more Snipers. A combination of two 
Snipers and six Rocket Launchers is excellent for clearing occupied civilian buildings (for 
example, the Laser General level in Generals Challenge). Just hover by the building and the 
Rocket Launchers can open fire. When the enemy soldiers are flushed out, the snipers will 
pick them off quickly. This can also take out tanks better than Commanches, because the 
Rockets reload faste. However, Gatling Tanks can take these down very easily.

Humvee Trick:
Submitted by: Gaurav dahale

* Create a humvee get a pathfider.Pathfinder can also attack from within. you can also garrison
  it in chinok iiifighter in USA Air General.Just find a safe way go to enemies base and shoot
  infantry units and have fun.

* In hard modeiiiwhen the game starts go to enemies base and kill its bulldozers or pleasants 
  dont give them any chance to build barracks or cold fuision reactor and get an easy victory.

* Take GLA Stealth General create a hijacker go to enemies territory and capture his bulldozer.
  and build command centre in your base even if your dozer get destroyed yoiu can build that 
  command center by sending pleasant to that construction and then you can use your enemies 
  technology too.

RDF Rush:
An interesting but multi-unit 'force rush'. Build a force of hummvees or busses and fill them 
with a sniper-rebel and rocket troopers. Pile up each vehicle with full passengers and then 
send them off to attack. The sniper-rebel will down incoming infantry, and the missile troopers
will damage hard targets.

Easy completion: 
Build defenses and CC. Build Avengers and put them next to the defense to protect against
Buggies and SCUD launchers. Build a lot of Humvees and fill them with four Missile Defenders
and one Sniper each. Put two to four Avengers with them then go in and wipe out the enemy 

Attack Force:

Air force general=Build about 10 combat chinooks, load each with 1 sniper and 7 missile 
defenders. I know that some people say that it should be 2 snipers. 1 works just as well.

Infantry general=Make around 10 assault helixes. Load them with 2 minigunners and the rest
tank hunters. the minigunners will take out infantry and the tank hunters will destroy 
tanks and vehicles.
Note: these strategies does not work at all against the super weapon general.

China Mission 3: Coburg, Germany:
Submitted by: Mick

China Mission 3: Coburg, Germany
There is a (virtually) indistrutabe building to the north of your base near the entrance
of the last statue (small square building), and if you can get an infantry unit inside 
it (it only has a slot for one unit) all the GLA units in that area will attack it causing
a major distraction for you to destroy the last statue.

U.S.: Defenses:
Get a Combat Chinook and fill it with a mix of Pathfinders and Rocket Launcher troops. If
you are facing a lot of tanks, go with more Rockets. If you are just cleaning up infantry,
get more Snipers. A combination of two Snipers and six Rocket Launchers is excellent for 
clearing occupied civilian buildings (for example, the Laser General level in Generals 
Challenge). Just hover by the building and the Rocket Launchers can open fire. When the 
enemy soldiers are flushed out, the snipers will pick them off quickly. This can also take
out tanks better than Commanches, because the Rockets reload faste. However, Gatling Tanks
can take these down very easily.

Java program to enable cheat:
Submitted by: stigv

import java.io.File;
import java.io.FileInputStream;
import java.io.FileOutputStream;
import java.io.InputStream;
import java.io.OutputStream;

* Command & Conquer Zero Hour java program crack : unlimited purchases + zero buildtime

* Originally submitted by : Danny Adrian

Change Cost of weapons & Build all units on 1 second : 
Backup the file before editing!!! 
It is possible to edit the INIZH.big file in your game directory.

C:\EA games\Command&Conquer Generals:Zero-Hour\Data\INI

But you have to use a Hex-Editor. Do not change the lenght of the file or
the game will not boot again.. Just Overwrite the Text you need.

1.Search for "BuildCost" and overwrite it like
"BuildCost = 2000" Orig.
"BuildCost = 0000" Faked.

2.Search for "BuildTime" and overwrite it like
"BuildTime = 30.0" Orig.
"BuildTime = 00.0" Faked.

Do not DELETE anything.
* To change the template for this generated file go to
* Window>Preferences>Java>Code Generation>Code and Comments

public class CCZHCheat {

* call this program with arg0=INIZH.big arg1=BuildCost arg2=BuildTime
public static void main(String[] args) {
try { 
File f = new File(args[0]);
InputStream ifs =
new FileInputStream(f);
System.out.println("Total Available Bytes: " +
byte b[] = new byte[(int)f.length()];
if (ifs.read(b) != (int)f.length()) {
System.err.println("couldn't read " + f.length() + " bytes");
for(int i=1; i<args.length && args[i]!=null; i++) {
System.out.println("Replacing :"+args[i]);
int pctDone=0;
int occurrence=0;
int j=0; 
for(; j<b.length; j++) {
boolean match=true;
for(int k=0; k<args[i].length(); k++) {
if(b[j+k]!=args[i].charAt(k)) {
if(match) {
while((b[j]<'0' || b[j]>'9') && j<b.length) j++;
while(b[j]>='0' && b[j]<='9' && j<b.length) {
if(j>pctDone) {
System.out.println("Done : "+(j*100/b.length));
System.out.println("Found occurrencs : "+occurrence);

OutputStream f1 = new FileOutputStream(new File(args[0]+".NEW"));
catch(Exception x) {

Hint: How to earn the Blitz medal:
Submitted by: Strategist of War

This cheat tells you how to beat the opponent in around 5 minutes. 
(I recommend you play China because they get to have TNT charges).

First off, before you start the game, make sure that you face only one opponent. 
I think it really doesn't matter if that opponent is Easy, Hard, or Medium 
(I tried it on Easy and I think you should make it only Easy mode) and that you 
only have ONE opponent. Observe the map on the right. Look at those black circles 
outlined with yellow lines. Those are your starting positions. 

Start the game. As you already know where your enemy's base is located, send your 
first Construction Dozer to the enemy's base quickly as possible. Run over all the 
workers. Then quickly build a barracks, and build a few tank hunters (or research 
the Capture Building upgrade). IF you built tank hunters, just keep on shooting 
the enemy until their entire base dies. They cannot construct any building because 
you ran over all their workers. Be sure to destroy their Barracks and Supply Stash 
first of all.

If you're going to use the Capture Building method, simply train a few Red Guards/
Rangers then capture all their buildings.

Eradicate your enemy in FIVE MINUTES!

Extra particle beam power:
It is possible to vastly increase the effectiveness of your particle beam so you can 
spread out its effect or do more damage to hardened structures, such as Command Centers
and SCUD Storms. When you start your beam, instead of clicking once to steer it to a new
target, rapidly click and aim beyond your target. This will cause it to move much faster.
It will be fast enough to even chase down vehicles, mainly bulldozers. Note that it is 
not the beam itself that damages structures, but the fire it creates. When targeting a 
tough building, "scrub" by targeting alternating sides of the building in a zig-zag 
pattern with the rapid clicking. Not only will the beam cause massive damage, but it 
will leave a trail of fire behind it. Every unit of fire will cause its own damage as 
well. With this method it is possible to destroy any Super Weapon or Command Center in
a single charge. This is possible, but very difficult, but impossible if the enemy is 
using "hold the line" or "fortify structures". Combining it with an airstrike or 
paradrop is highly recommended.

Laser General: Easy win:
Set the starting cash to 50,000. The three things you need to know are power, the layout
of the map, and money for this general. To start, click your Command Center and quickly 
build six Bulldozers. Try accomplishing this in less than three seconds. Speed is 
essential. Next, use three Bulldozers to build three Cold Fusion Power Plants next to the
Command Center. Once the Bulldozers finish the Power Plants, upgrade to Control Rods 
immediately on all three. Use the three Bulldozers that finish the plants and start 
building the barracks. Use the leftover three Bulldozers and build three Laser Turrets
in a line to the area where the enemy is most likely to attack. 

-=Form a Laser Turret row like this=-

0  0  0

Be expected to click and build a line of three in less than ten seconds. Afterwards, use 
the spare Bulldozer to build a Resource Collection near the Supply Depot and the other 
Bulldozer to build a War Factory after the Resource Collection. If you have enough power
(green bar), build two Laser Turrets on either side of the base. This protects your flanks.
With the spare Bulldozers, build more Power Plants and build another Chinook from the 
Resource Collection point. Once the Laser Turrets are all built and the War Factory expect
to be attacked next. Once the first wave is annihilated, build another two Laser Turrets 
next to the line so it ends up like: 


Next, build a Strategy Center and click on War Factory. Once the Strategy Center is built,
buy three Laser Avengers (LAV) and put them in between the laser turret line like so it 

appears like: 

0-LAV 0-LAV 0-LAV 0 0

This stops Rocket Buggies and airplanes. Finally, build four more Power Plants and start 
building two or three Supply Drop Zones. When enough money comes in, build more Supply 
Drops. After you have more than enough power, start building four Particle Uplink Cannons.
Wait for all of the cannons to fire on the target. Note: If the CPU has a super weapon 
built after the fourth Uplink Cannon is under construction. it should take two shots to 
take out their Command Center from the two built before. 
Target their Bulldozers or workers and any of their super weapons under construction. For
added base protection, build two more Laser Turrets on the line and another two Laser 
Avengers in between. Then it is up to you on how to defeat the enemy.

Seaside Mutiny: Easy win:
When fighting a battle on the Seaside Mutiny map, at the front of your base where the 
artillery platforms are, build the following. For the Chinese, build two Gatling Guns 
and a Bunker filled with Rocket Troopers. For U.S.A.. build two Patriots and a Fire 
Base with Rangers. For GLA, build two Stingers and a Tunnel Network. 
Capture the artillery platforms, then repeat the defense pattern on the sides as many 
times as possible. You can now build in the entire area without fear of enemy aircraft
or land units.

Easy Win china tank:
Submitted by: Leeran9419

This is a great way to beat almost any team with only a few tanks. First make 6 overlords. 
upgrade 2 of each with each of the avaliable upgrades (gattling, propaganda and bunker)Fill 
the bunker ones with tank hunters. build a few gattling tanks and storm them. although i 
doooo reccomend you take a few units like just plain red guard and walk them out the front 
of the base to lure out jets and stuff so you use their ammo and then wont be as much as a 

Bypass censor:
Some words are censored in online games. To bypass this, type the word that is normally
censored, then hold [Alt] and type 255 on the numeric keypad followed by more text.

How to make more than 1 Colonel Burton, Jarmen Kell and Black Lotus:
Submitted by: Secretboy

Open the INIZH.BIG file using the notepad. Find the Colonel, Jarmen Kell or/and Black
Lotus directory. Then find the phrase: "Maximumtype: 1".Then you can change the 
"maximumtype: 1" to "maximumtype: 20.". You can only have maximum of 20 of them.

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